Activating a Phone Without a SIM Card (Android & iOS)

Phone without SIM Card

Smartphones and SIM cards are incredibly tightly connected so it’s hard to split one through the other. SIM cards connect your smartphone (or phone of any sort) to a carrier, such as for instance Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Increase, or smaller providers. 

Quick response

You can’t theoretically trigger a phone without a SIM card. Activating it might suggest tying it to a carrier, developing a telephone number, and having to pay or prepaying a monthly bill compared to that exact same supplier. Standard (non-smart) phones are almost worthless without a SIM card.

With WiFi, you’ll transform a non-SIM card smartphone into almost a totally operating smartphone. You can expect to undoubtedly manage to make the most of precisely what a smartphone provides, when you are within array of WiFi. But first, you must arrange it without a SIM card. 

  1. Android Phones without a SIM Card
  2. iPhones without a SIM Card
  3. just what are you able to Do with a Smartphone who has No SIM Card?
  4. Video Calls
    • Browsing the Web
    • Streaming
    • Text and calls
  5. Final ideas

Android Phones without a SIM Card

Setting up an Android smartphone without a SIM card is easy. You’ll be prompted to place your SIM card sooner or later within the setup process—regardless of what type of Android os phone you possess. 

You can frequently skip this technique or energy these devices down and backup once more until such time you bypass it by filling in all the other relevant information. Some Android os phones will constantly remind you which you lack a SIM card, also it’s simply something you will need to figure out how to ignore. 

  • Skip the “Insert SIM Card” area.
  • Select your Language.
  • Select a WiFi community .
  • Enter your WiFi account.
  • Complete the setup procedure.

Once you’ve reached this aspect, you certainly can do together with your phone what you would like, when you are attached to a WiFi point. Its also wise to understand that you should use WiFi on the run. 

If you have got buddies or loved ones with decent hotspot information within their plan, you’ll latch onto their WiFi hotspot and carry on making use of your Android os phone doing every thing but make telephone calls. 

The simple truth is, additionally how to make calls with WiFi, and we’ll arrive at that in an instant. 

iPhones without a SIM Card

With Android os, there’s the situation of being “too” available, along with Apple, it is exactly the other. You get bombarded because of the “no SIM card” message with a few iPhones, while other people aren’t quite therefore harsh. 

If the iPhone you’re hoping to get ready to go is a decently old iPhone, like an iPhone 7 or 6, you’ll get a “no SIM card” detected message, and that’s the conclusion from it, while you won’t be in a position to continue beyond the period with no iTunes workaround.

To arranged a more recent iPhone:

  • Slide the opening screen to your right to begin with the setup.
  • Select your Language.
  • Select your Country.
  • Go because of the “Set Up Manually” choice.
  • Select your WiFi Network.
  • Enter your password.
  • Select “Ok” and dismiss the “No SIM Card” pop up.
  • Continue > Touch ID > Set Up As a New iPhone.
  • Enter or create an Apple ID and Password.

If you’re working with a mature iPhone that won’t let you proceed without a SIM card, you will require some type of computer which includes iTunes downloaded. 

  • Connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac.
  • iTunes will prompt for the most recent revision.
  • Go ahead and update and await it to complete.
  • Select “Set Up As New”.
  • Select “Continue”.
  • Complete the on-screen directions.

That needs to do it for older iPhones; nevertheless, remember that you’re bound getting the periodic “No SIM Card” message, and you may only have to dismiss the notice entirely whenever it occurs. 

just what are you able to Do with a Smartphone who has No SIM Card?

You can really do every thing on an Android or iPhone that you may with a SIM card, except making standard texts and telephone calls. Regular calling and texting require a telephone number, that you don’t have. 

Fortunately, you can find hundreds, if you don’t thousands, of apps nowadays that may do a great deal together with your phone you never ever thought feasible without a telephone number.

Video Telephone calls

Snap talk, Messenger, Brave, Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime are simply a number of the available video talk apps on the market, and you also don’t require a telephone number to utilize any one of them. You might have thought that FaceTime will be the lone holdout; nevertheless, if you have actually a contact, you can receive FaceTime calls also. 

Browsing the Web

Any internet browser that you could install in the Google Enjoy Store or the Apple App Store can be properly used to see the internet. If you have actually a WiFi connection, you certainly can do every thing somebody sitting close to you with a SIM card smartphone may do. 

Chrome, Brave, Safari, Microsoft Edge, PreSearch, therefore many more can be obtained to down load at no cost, and you’ll be down and operating, browning the world wide web until your heart is content. No SIM card is not any barrier. 


All of the favorites are coming along for the trip, and you also don’t require a SIM card to down load them on your Android or iOS unit. Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, Prime movie, Starz, Tubi, Disney+, and much more are all free packages and just need a significant net connection to perform. 

Text and calls

Without a SIM card, every thing will depend on your e-mail, which is most of your way of interacting via vocals and text. As an example, FaceTime has an “audio” sole option that can be used to phone rather than video clip. 

It will continue to work like a phone call, however with your e-mail alternatively. You are able to just use FaceTime with another iPhone individual, nevertheless. Other apps, such as for example Twitter Messenger, usage e-mail as well as your social networking records doing the same. 

Final ideas

Without a SIM card, you’re just slightly restricted in what can be done with an iOS unit or an Android. If you have actually a great pair of apps, you virtually have actually your whole phone thing covered, when you never ever get outside of WiFi range. 

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