Can I Play Xbox Games on PC

  1. Things To Consider Before Playing video games on a Computer
  2. Playing Xbox Games on a Computer
    • Method # 1: Connect Xbox with PC
      • Step number 1: creating Xbox
      • Step no. 2: linking Controller to PC
      • Step # 3: linking PC to Console
    • Method # 2: utilizing Xbox Enjoy Anywhere
    • Method # 3: utilizing an Xbox Console Emulator
    • Method number 4: utilizing an Xbox Game Pass
  3. Playing video games Without a Controller
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Things to think about Before Playing video games on a PC

Before you perform video games on a Computer, keep these specific things at heart:

Playing Xbox Games on a PC

These times, Xbox and PC gamers may actually occur in synchronous universes. Nonetheless, you’ll play video games on your personal computer with a little bit of knowledge, and our step by step directions could make clear on it.

So without wasting any moment, here you will find the four techniques to play video games on a PC.  

Method number 1: Connect Xbox with PC

If you’ve got an Xbox One system and a Windows 10 computer, linking them into the following method is straightforward. 

Step # 1: creating Xbox

Before linking your Xbox console to a PC, you have to first configure it.

Start by pushing the “Xbox key” on your controller to create into the guide. Now navigate to “Profile & System” > “Settings” > “Devices & connections” > “Remote Feature”.

Next, faucet the “Xbox software preferences”, and a menu can look. Check out the containers close to “Allow connections from any device” and “Allow game streaming with other devices” options allow streaming.

Step no. 2: linking Controller to PC

Xbox controllers are great for video gaming, however they are additionally a terrific way to play Computer games. Here’s tips on how to link your Xbox controller to your PC.

Once you’ve got linked the controller via a USB cable or Bluetooth, go through the “Start Menu” on Windows 10, get to “Settings” and then click on “Devices” > “Bluetooth & other devices”. Right here, concur that your controller is shown into the connected unit list.  


If you can’t understand Xbox controller on “Bluetooth & other devices”. Take To reconnecting with a brand new USB cable or install/update the motorist through the “Device Manager”.

Step number 3: linking PC to Console

Once you are done creating the system and controller, its time you connect the Xbox with all the PC.

Start with starting Microsoft shop right away Menu. Now search and install the “Xbox Console Companion” app. When the software is set up, start the software and then click the “Connect” button regarding the remaining panel regarding the screen.

Now pick your Xbox system into the detailed available companies. When linked, go through the “Stream” choice regarding the window’s top-right. Now start the a number of games and choose one. Then, click on “Play from console” to introduce the overall game regarding the system and stream it on your own PC.

Method no. 2: utilizing Xbox Enjoy Anywhere

Xbox Enjoy Anywhere allows you install and play the Windows form of some video games from your own electronic collection.

Let us observe how it works:

  1. Visit “Xbox Enjoy Anywhere” on the official Xbox site.
  2. Login to your Microsoft account.
  3. View the list of games you possess and choose usually the one to relax and play.
  4. Click “Get” to set up the overall game on Computer via Xbox App.
  5. Once installed, play the overall game from “Your Library”

Method number 3: utilizing an Xbox Console Emulator

Xbox 360 game discs cannot use your Xbox One. Nonetheless, utilizing Xenia, an open-source emulator for the original Xbox system, is a method to enjoy your preferred games.

See below utilizing Xbox Emulator to operate video games on Computer. 

  1. Go to “”.
  2. Select “Download” regarding the left panel regarding the window.
  3. Click on “Master” to begin with the down load.
  4. Once done, extract the file.
  5. Now run the “Xenia Emulator”.
  6. Download the games or insert a disc to relax and play games in the “Emulator Window”.

Method number 4: utilizing an Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft introduced its latest Xbox Game Pass registration solution, that will price ten dollars each month. It allows you to play Xbox One and xbox games on your own Computer on the internet.

Here is just how to get and make use of the overall game pass:

  1. First, subscribe towards the “PC Game Pass” or “Xbox Ultimate Game Pass”.
  2. Now, available “Microsoft Store” on your personal computer through the “Start Menu”.
  3. Search for the Xbox app and install the app.
  4. Once done, start the software and sign in along with your Microsoft Account.
  5. Go to your “Game Pass” tab and pick any game to get going.

Playing Video games Without a Controller

You can play video games on a PC without a controller. In addition, you’ll be able to link every other controller just like a keyboard and mouse arrangement. Nonetheless, it’s not suggested while you will overlook the whole connection with playing these games on a console.


In this guide, we now have completely talked about facts to consider before linking your system to your pc. We’ve additionally discussed a few methods to result in the connection effective involving the two products. 

Hopefully, the guide makes it possible to enjoy all your favorite Xbox games regarding the Computer in complete HD quality, with all the current appropriate sound clips and music. 

Frequently expected concerns

Can we play Xbox on a laptop with HDMI?

You may use your HDMI slot to get in touch your laptop computer to an Xbox, but only when your laptop computer has an HDMI IN connector. For this, link the laptop computer and Xbox via an HDMI cable. In case your laptop’s display cannot straight away switch to console, alter them from “Display Settings”.

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