What CPU Socket Types Are There?

CPU Socket

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At the minute, the 2 most typical forms of Central Processing Unit sockets you will likely encounter are AMD’s AM4 and Intel’s LGA 1151, but there are numerous more. Sockets modification as time passes, however the two manufacturers likewise have split sockets for CPUs created for workstations and high-end desktop computer systems.

In the remainder article, we shall glance at exactly what Central Processing Unit sockets have been in much more detail, see if CPUs will continue to work in numerous sockets with their very own, and read about several of the most typical sockets currently available through the two CPU manufacturers.

Dining table of articles

  1. just what Are CPU Sockets?
  2. Will CPUs work with a Motherboard With yet another Socket?
  3. do you know the most frequent AMD CPU Socket kinds?
    • AM4
    • AM5
    • TR4
    • sTRX4
  4. What Are the most frequent Intel CPU Socket kinds?
    • LGA 1151
    • LGA 1200
    • LGA 1700
    • LGA 2066
    • LGA 4189
  5. Conclusion

just what Are Central Processing Unit Sockets?

A Central Processing Unit socket is an software between a motherboard additionally the processor attached to it. The sockets modification as time passes while the technology improves, and processors require various requirements came across. The software just isn’t utilized to merely brace the processor set up or feed it power.

Will CPUs work with a Motherboard With yet another Socket?

Different CPU sockets frequently have different real structures, and that means you will not have the ability to place a processor to the wrong socket usually even though you attempted. This really is by design while the sockets work differently, making compatibility impossible irrespective.

What Will be the most frequent AMD CPU Socket kinds?

AMD is among the two manufacturers of CPUs. They truly are younger associated with two organizations, however their share of the market happens to be steadily growing. AMD has a brief history of utilizing the exact same standard sockets to get more extended periods, that has made them preferable for some users whom would rather alter processors with greater regularity than motherboards.


AM4 may be the CPU socket that a lot of AMD motherboards comes with and AMD CPUs uses. Launched in 2016, this socket replaced numerous early in the day sockets that the organization was in fact making use of in synchronous, such as the AM3+ socket.

AM4 can be used for many processors from AMD’s Ryzen brand name. Due to the brand’s broad selection of models, this consists of processors for many uses, including casual computer systems, company devices, and video gaming rigs.


AMD are starting its brand new AM5 socket in 2022. This is built to use DDR5 memory, whereas its predecessor, AM4, could just use DDR4 RAM. AM5 will make use of Zen 4 processors, the 5th generation of AMD’s Zen microarchitecture.

When AM5 launches in 2022, it’ll be 1st improvement in Central Processing Unit socket for ordinary AMD users in over fifty percent a decade. This may make upgrading AMD CPUs through the past generation microarchitecture an enormous action because it will even consist of changing the motherboard and RAM.


TR4 premiered in 2017 alongside the production for the Threadripper group of processors. These processors are employed for high-end desktop computer systems and workstations. Threadripper CPUs may have a much higher range cores than many other AMD processors.

Although the main Ryzen brand name, Threadripper processors will perhaps not use equivalent socket that other Ryzens usage, which can be the AM4 during the time of writing, and vice versa.


AMD established the latest sTRX4 socket in 2019 as a successor towards the early in the day TR4 socket. This socket can be used for 3000 show Threadripper CPUs. The sTRX4 is actually just like the TR4 socket it replaced, nonetheless it can’t be utilized interchangeably as a result of electric incompatibility.

What Will be the most frequent Intel CPU Socket kinds?

Intel may be the other associated with two manufacturers of CPUs and it has a much longer history on the market of Central Processing Unit sockets. Intel produces brand new sockets with greater regularity, allowing them become more versatile with all the design of the latest processor models. It gets the negative effectation of making upgrades more expensive for users since numerous elements will frequently must be changed alongside the CPU.

LGA 1151

Intel launched the LGA 1151 socket in 2015, and though it offers released a few more recent sockets subsequently, the 1151 stays extremely typical for Intel processors nonetheless. This socket supports the Skylake, Coffee Lake, and Kaby Lake categories of processors, including models from nearly all Intel brands, including Pentium, Celeron, Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7.

LGA 1200

The Intel LGA 1200 premiered in 2020 primarily as a successor towards the LGA 1151 socket. This socket can be used for processors through the Comet Lake and Rocket Lake families. Although both of these generations offered many improvements over those through the early in the day socket, LGA 1200 wound up being short-lived, having been superseded just per year later on.

LGA 1700

Intel launched the LGA 1700 socket in 2021 as a successor towards the LGA 1200. This socket is perfect for processors into the Alder Lake household, the twelfth generation associated with Intel Core line. If you’re purchasing a whole new customer CPU from intel, it’ll probably utilize this socket.

LGA 2066

Considered analogous to AMD’s TR4 socket, the LGA 2066 premiered in 2017 for processors into the Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X, and Cascade Lake-X families. These CPUs are utilized for workstations and high-end desktop computer systems for their better suitability for synchronous processing.

LGA 4189

Launched by Intel in 2020 as a successor to LGA 2066, the LGA 4189 socket is made for more recent processors that solution the high-end computer and workstation areas. This socket supports CPUs through the Cooper Lake and Ice Lake-SP families.

The LGA 4189 socket is available in two variations. The P4 variation can be used for Ice Lake-SP processors, whilst the P5 one is employed for Cooper Lake CPUs. Both of these variations aren’t suitable for the other person.


We’ve discovered the significance of differentiating Central Processing Unit socket kinds as processors of just one kind should never be suitable for those of some other. We’ve viewed the four most typical AMD Central Processing Unit sockets you could stumble upon today, including the next one therefore the five primary sockets increasingly being employed by Intel systems.

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