Do Motherboards Come With SATA Cables?

  1. Just What Are SATA Cables?
  2. Do You can get SATA Cables Once You Purchase a Motherboard?
  3. Can My Desktop Computer Run Without SATA Cables?
  4. How would you purchase SATA Cables?
  5. Conclusion

just what Are SATA Cables?

SATA is an interface that connects a computer’s motherboard with information storage space and optical products. Including hard disk drive drives, solid-state drives, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray drives. The title means for “Serial AT Accessory.” There Is Certainly debate over just what the AT is short for, many very early paperwork from IBM expands it to “Advanced Technology.”

The SATA user interface succeeds the old ATA one, also referred to as PATA – “Parallel AT Attachment.” There are numerous improvements aided by the brand new user interface, including higher rates additionally the capability to connect and detach drives as the os is operating, called hot-swapping.

Each SATA cable can just only support one connected drive. This will make them less susceptible to mistakes, nevertheless the drawback is the fact that you’re more restricted to the amount of SATA ports your motherboard has. You’ll not have the ability to do have more SATA drives in your pc than your motherboard has ports.

Do You can get SATA Cables whenever you get a Motherboard?

It is standard training for motherboard manufacturers to incorporate SATA cables into the containers when purchasing from their website. The precise wide range of SATA cables you get is dependent upon the maker, nevertheless the most typical amount of included cables is two. Additionally it is fairly typical for manufacturers to possess three to four SATA cables together with your motherboard box.

If you purchased up all the SATA cables that included your motherboard and therefore are purchasing a fresh drive, know that it isn’t standard training of these cables become contained in the package whenever you purchase a tough disk drive, solid-state drive, or optical drive.

Can My Desktop Computer Run Without SATA Cables?

You may use a completely practical pc with no SATA cables. Optical drives are optional, and solid-state drives may use various interfaces to get in touch to your motherboard. SSDs utilizing the M.2 user interface will run faster by linking straight to your motherboard, for instance, rather than need any cables. SSDs may also be linked via PCI Express slots.

The limitation of running without SATA cables is the fact that other interfaces you should use to add SSDs are going to be restricted and may even never be available based on your motherboard. M.2, for instance, just isn’t entirely on older motherboards. Utilising the SATA user interface will assist you to link a lot more drives, also though only 1 is necessary to run an operating system.

Internal hard disks will require SATA or ATA cables to get in touch to your motherboard. Outside HDDs may be linked via USB, but this isn’t recommended for systems and really should be utilized mainly for information storage space.

How Would you purchase SATA Cables?

You should buy SATA cables from many merchants that offer computer equipment. They are cheap and therefore are quite simple to get in touch. Before you purchase them, you need to start thinking about whether your pc should be able to offer the brand new drives which you intend on linking.

A motherboard is only going to ever have a set quantity of SATA ports. You are able to verify this by considering your motherboard and counting them, or if you’re struggling to spot them, checking your motherboard’s guide. You’ll not have the ability to link more SATA cables than your motherboard has SATA ports.

Each SATA drive you link may also require a source of power. You will have to make sure your power product (PSU) has sufficient energy connectors to add these drives. The good thing is that one may purchase energy splitters to grow the amount of connectors for energy.


We’ve discovered that motherboards frequently have two to four SATA cables, but we’ve additionally looked over just how to over come the situation in the event that you don’t have enough.

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