Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light (5 Methods)

PS4 Controller Yellow Light

How to correct the Flashing Yellow LightMethod #1Method #2Method #3Method #4

Method #5

Replacing your DualShock 4 Cable

Final ideasHow to correct the Flashing Yellow LightIt’s a matter of trial and error, working your path through various dilemmas to get the solution. When you have other products in the home, such as for instance a PC, iPad, Android os tablet, or other things that is suitable for your PS4 controller — you have actually earnestly utilized before — then your chances are,

that’s your troubleMethod #1

What for you to do is get the other products to forget the PS4 controller and reestablish a pair together with your Playstation 4.

  1. Gather every products
    • which you have actually paired your DualShock 4 with into the past. 
    • Open your device.
    • Go to
    • Settings > Bluetooth
    • .
  2. Select your DualShock 4.
  3. Select

“Forget Device”

.Power up your PS4.Plug the DualShock 4 into your PS4’s USB port.Press the PS button.Since it’s disconnected from every one of the other products in the home, it will

automatically set together with your PS4

whenever you plug it in. If it really works, you will notice a blue and white light. Method #2This may be the quick PS switch press technique, for not enough a much better term, also it’s a popular technique who has done the secret for a large number of PS4 players around the globe. 

  1. Turn off your PS4
  2. (totally down, maybe not sleep mode).Connect your PS4 controller via USB cable.
  3. Turn the PS4 on.
  4. When the display notifies one to start your PS4 controller, press and support the PS button.
  5. Hold it and soon you hear two beeps.
  6. Turn from the PS4.
  7. Turn it right back on.

When the display reaches the “press the PS switch” point, do a couple of things.disconnect the USB and

begin quickly pushing the PS button


  1. You can stop pushing the PS switch when you begin to see the blinking blue and white. If this technique works for you personally, great. If it does not, proceed to the following.Method #3
  2. Putting your PS4 in safe mode is something you frequently do whenever there is a critical bug going on
  3. and you’re wanting to narrow it right down to something particular through an activity of reduction. But, it will work fine for this specific purpose too.
  4. Turn your PlayStation 4 down.Hold the ability button and soon you hear a beep (the first beep doesn’t count).
  5. Connect your DualShock via USB.
  6. Press the PS switch.
  7. The controller will link.
  8. This technique is practically solely centered on linking your PS4 controller. If it does not work, the controller might be unsalvageable. 
  9. Method #4Resetting the DualShock 4 controller is normally a technique that actually works fine. But, when it’s reset, it nevertheless has to link to your PS4 through the USB cable. Whenever you reset it, it is came back to the stage where it is exactly like it arrived on the scene of this field. On the rear of your controller, there is a reset button

that is obtainable under the L2 neck key. It’s a little opening, which means you need

a pin or an unbent paperclip

to achieve in there and access the switch. Press the pin to the hole and

  1. hold the button down for a number of moments
  2. . When the reset is performed, you are able to go on and plug it back to your PS4 through the USB asking cable
  3. and
  4. press the PS button
  5. . That will sync them backup while the yellow flashing light becomes a blue and white light.

Method #5

Resetting the PS4 controller is something, resetting the whole system is very another and probably one of the most drastic actions to simply take. 

If you’re likely to try the PS4 reset method, you will need to make certain you

have your data supported, specially where your games are involved. Additionally, make certain you remember your sign-in password as there is nothing even worse than wanting to resolve an issue simply to forget your sign-in information as it pertains time. Turn off your PS4

and unplug the energy for five minutes.Plug it right back in.Hold the power button for over 10 moments.Plug your PS4 controller in.Select “Initialize”.

As aforementioned, this technique with delete all your information saved regarding the hard disk so

a backup is a necessity

until you don’t have anything on the website that you really care a great deal to lose. If none among these practices work it might be time to upgrade your DualShock 4 controller. You can find just a wide variety of techniques you can look at to have it to get in touch if you exhaust them, it is most likely a matter of an irreparable equipment problem inside the controller. Unfortunately, PS4 controllers are expensive, despite having the production and subsequent appeal associated with the PS5 plus the brand new DualShock 5 controllers that include it. When your DualShock 4 controller is using other products within your house, nevertheless, it will assist your PS4. 

  1. Replacing your DualShock 4 CableThere’s a chance that you’re trying to get the Dualshock 4 to reconnect to your PS4 and it is maybe not the controller this is the issue, or your PS4 for instance, then
  2. it’s possibly the USB cable that’s providing you a concern
  3. .If we’re being truthful, the PS4 controller cables that include the original PS4, are pretty
  4. flimsy
  5. , also it’s not surprising that they will have a reasonably higher rate of failure. 

The issue comes right down to Sony attempting to have fun with the proprietary game, where just their USB controller cables work and no one else’s. They need you to definitely need certainly to purchase just Sony items for the PS4 and nothing else. That means you will face issues

in the event that you just root throughout the house and attempt to change the PS4 cable with an Android, or any other micro-USB cable. The possibilities are, it won’t work. That does not signify no other cables will continue to work, because you can find definitely some. But, you can’t simply venture out and buy one and go out of this shop realizing that it is planning to work. Your very best bet is always to purchase another Sony replacement.

At minimum in that way, you understand without a doubt so it will continue to work. 

Final ideas

It’s often a matter of an easy equipment problem happening inside the PS4 controller so when mentioned previously, when it is effectively linking along with other products, this means the controller is practical and really should do not have problem syncing together with your PS4Work your means through the actions in the above list, and you will see light which shines at the end associated with the tunnel. Ideally, it is maybe not flashing yellowish. 

Dining table of articles

If you’re a system gamer, then your chances are, you understand what RROD and


suggest. Happily, yellowish and red lights, blinking or perhaps not blinking, aren’t signifying the loss of your DualShock 4. Quick responseA blinking yellowish light in your DualShock 4 controller, when it’s maybe not connected in and you simply squeezed the PS switch the very first time, is a deep failing to get in touch sign. It’s typically a hardware issue using the controller having recently linked to another unit or a conductive ribbon movie strip problem.

The yellowish light on a DualShock 4 controller is termed an “amber light” instead of yellowish. It typically turns up when you’re

charging your controller

, as a pulsing amber light that turns solid if the controller is completely charged. It’s additionally a sign that the PS4 controller is on standby

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