Can You Get a Dent in Your Head From Headphones?

It’s all too an easy task to lose monitoring of time whenever you’re hearing a record you adore or playing a video clip game which includes you entirely obsessed. While becoming consumed in your preferred pastime is gorgeous, you could notice one thing only a little various regarding the mind once you just take your headphones down to go back towards the real life. 

Headphones, particularly the cumbersome, noise-canceling variety, can place lots of force on our minds. When you’ve used them for an important timeframe, there may be indentations from in which the ear cups rested regarding the skull. Is this headphone dent something permanent, or simply a short-term effect of long-lasting headphone use?

Quick Solution

Headphones can keep a short-term indentation when they’re worn for a time, but this indentation is only surface deep. The headphone dent is either a crease into the locks, a crease into the epidermis, or a variety of the 2. The skull just isn’t afflicted with headphones. 

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