How Big Is My iPad?

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If you might be considering purchasing a fantastic and cool address for the iPad, the model quantity as well as the display size is really what you need to understand. Otherwise, you are able to mess it. Here’s tips on how to get the display size of the iPad.

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Grab a ruler or a measuring tape and put certainly one of its ends regarding the lower-left corner associated with the display. Align the ruler towards the upper-right part associated with the display. Be sure you gauge the lit rather than the blackened the main display. Instead, you may get the dimensions on the internet knowing your iPad’s model quantity.

This article will dig into ways to determine your iPad’s display. What’s more, I’ll talk about how exactly you are able to gain benefit from the Web for this function. Finally, I’ll share the display sizes associated with the standard Apple iPads.

  1. Measure Your iPad Screen Directly
  2. Check Out Your iPad Size From the Internet
  3. Different iPad Sizes
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Measure Your iPad Screen Directly

The rationale for calculating an iPad’s display is a lot just like calculating the diagonal of a rectangular item. By basic meeting, the diagonal of the tablet can be used to relate to the display size. Here’s tips on how to measure it.

  1. Grab a ruler or a measuring tape.
  2. Turn on your own iPad’s screen and put the zero regarding the ruler’s scale during the lower-left part associated with the display.
  3. Adjust the ruler to align utilizing the upper-right part regarding the ruler’s scale.
  4. Note the reading regarding the scale that coincides utilizing the upper-right part. 

Make certain you spot the beginning of the scale regarding the corner associated with the lit screen rather than the blacked-out display. In addition to that, make sure you measure in inches rather than centimeters. Its this standard dimension that signifies your iPad’s display size.

By utilising the exact same technique, you are able to gauge the display size of just about all gadgets. 

Check Out Your iPad Size on the internet

Apple as well as other web sites have actually produced a detailed catalog of all of the technical and real requirements of its products. You’ll find the specifications of the iPad by once you understand your iPad’s model quantity.

And where would you have the model quantity? That’s simple. Flip your iPad, as well as on the base from it, you’ll find some little lines etched involved with it. Look closely, and you’ll find lots following “Model” label. That’s your iPad’s model quantity. 

Next, there is the specifications in 2 methods. The straightforward means would be to type the model quantity within the Bing search bar. A lot of web sites detailing your iPad’s requirements will pop-up. There, search for a “Size” tab. Voila! You’ve discovered how large your iPad is.

You may also check out Apple’s “Identify Your iPad” help page. Right here, scroll down and search for the model quantity down the page some iPad. Whenever you’ve found it, touch the hyperlink utilizing the text “Tech Specs for iPad”. You’ll redirect to a specs page. Right here, it is simple to get the size of the iPad.

Different iPad Sizes

The standard size of an iPad is calculated due to the fact amount of the diagonal associated with the display in ins. You could be wondering how large would be the various iPad models.

The standard iPad is 10.2 inches – that’s the iPad you’ll come across usually. In the other side, iPad Pro is 12.9 and 11 ins, while iPad Air has a screen of 10.9 inches. Last but not least, the iPad Mini gets the tiniest size of all of the iPads at 7.9 ins.


You may either straight measure your iPad’s screen or get the size on the net. To complete a primary dimension, simply choose a ruler and gauge the size through the lower-left part towards the upper-right part. Having said that, you are able to enter the model amount of your iPad – which you are able to find regarding the straight back of the iPad back cover – into Bing or Apple help

Frequently expected concerns

Are all iPads the same size?

No! iPads are offered in a sizable variety of sizes. You will get a sense of the diversity of iPad size from the fact the smallest iPad – iPad Mini – has a diagonal amount of 7.9 ins. As the biggest iPad – iPad professional – comes in because big as 12.9 ins. Aside from these, there is iPad professional in 11 ins variation, iPad Air in 10.9 ins, and iPad in 10.2 ins. 

what’s the most frequent iPad size?

The standard iPad has a size of 10.2 ins. It’s the most often used of all of the other models. In accordance with 2021 data, it is the reason 56% of all of the Apple shipments. Second, iPad Air – having a 10.9-inches display – is considered the most typical iPad.

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