How Do I Know if My Smart TV Has Bluetooth?

  1. Different solutions to realize when your Smart television Has Bluetooth 
    • Method # 1: Checking an individual Manual
    • Method number 2: Checking the Settings concerning the television
    • Method number 3: Checking the Specs online With a Model Number
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently anticipated issues 

Different solutions to comprehend in the case your Smart television Has Bluetooth 

Most smart TVs, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Sony, have actually really Bluetooth capability. However, the label of tv you utilize will not be an assurance it’s going to feature Bluetooth functionality. To understand if the smart television has Bluetooth, seek out it. 

Below are 3 ways to be sure of if the smart tv has Bluetooth. 

Method # 1: Checking the User Manual

All TVs, including smart TVs, consist of an individual manual. A person manual usually contains everything you will need with regards to the tv, including product safety, installation, and add-ons. Consequently, in case tv includes a Bluetooth function, it may recommend just how to connect its Bluetooth along with other items, among other pursuits, to the specific manual. 

Here’s just how to take a look at specific manual for Bluetooth compatibility.

  1. Get the user manual pamphlet within the carton of your respective tv. 
  2. If you can’t find the specific manual, you are going to visit your manufacturer’s website to download the television person manual. 
  3. Check the “Connectivity” part of the tv for any such thing regarding Bluetooth. 
  4. If there is Bluetooth in the tv, your manufacturer indicate in case it is Bluetooth 2.0 or Bluetooth 5.0

Method no. 2: Checking the Settings concerning the TV

Another intelligent choice to confirm your smart tv includes Bluetooth is through checking your tv settings. With this particular method, you don’t need any such thing apart from your television as well as the handheld radio control. Although the actions to be sure of for the Bluetooth compatibility of varied smart TVs will alter simply notably. 

Here’s just how to check always your tv settings for Bluetooth compatibility.

  1. Turn on your tv, and press the “Menu” switch concerning the remote.
  2. In the “Menu” settings, navigate towards the “About” window.
  3. Under the “About” window, you should see specific home elevators the tv, such as the Wi-Fi target as well as the type of Bluetooth supported, amongst other pursuits. 

Method # 3: Checking the Specs online With a Model Number

Finally, if you should be nonetheless finding it difficult to comprehend whether or simply maybe not your smart television has Bluetooth functionality, it might be time and energy to check online for more information. However, using this method, you would need the model amount of your tv. There was the model amount of your tv within the straight back panel or the Settings > “About” page.

Here’s just how to check online for the specs of your respective smart tv for Bluetooth compatibility.

  1. Go to the manufacturer’s website of your respective smart tv, even if you didn’t select television right at their shop. 
  2. Navigate towards the search window, and type in the model amount of your respective tv. 
  3. From the search result web site, touch by yourself smart tv. 
  4. Click on “Specification” and confirm that Bluetooth is detailed on the list of top options that come with the tv. 

Quick Tip

On some smart tv, you are going to notify it precipitates with Bluetooth functionality by checking the remote for the Bluetooth button. However, few smart television remote settings consist of a Bluetooth button.


While many modern smart TVs consist of Bluetooth functionality, it shouldn’t be a turn-off to suit your needs if the tv will maybe not add one. Other amazing features your smart television come with are equally enticing. However, a smart tv with Bluetooth compatibility stands apart dramatically. It really is an easy task to connect your device to it without any problem of cables making a nuisance around your tv system. 

Frequently anticipated issues 

How could I set a Bluetooth device to my smart tv? 

Suppose your smart tv supports Bluetooth functionality; you can set it with a Bluetooth device by navigating towards the “Source” window by yourself tv. Ensure the Bluetooth device you’ll want to connect to is enabled. Then, to the “Connection Guide” display of your respective device, tap on “Bluetooth”, pick the unit you’ll want to connect to, and it’ll instantly set together. 

Can we add Bluetooth assistance to an unsupported smart tv? 

Yes, when your smart tv will not need Bluetooth functionality, you can add Bluetooth assistance through getting a Bluetooth adapter. Along with the Bluetooth adapter plugged to the AUX slot of 1’s television as well as the USB slot for power, you can set a Bluetooth device towards the adapter and get it to accomplish company together with your tv without breaking a sweat. 

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