How Long Do Android Phones Last?

  1. How Long Do Android os Phones final?
  2. Signs of a Dying Phone
    • Frequent Sudden Death
    • Fast Drainage of Battery
    • Operating System Issues
    • Hardware Becomes Unresponsive
  3. Factors That causes Your Android os mobile To perish Quicker
    • Frequently Charging to 100%
    • Installing Corrupt Apps
  4. How To Make an Android os mobile final longer
  5. whenever if you supercede your Android Phone?
  6. How To check on an Android Phone’s Age
  7. Conclusion

How Long Do Android os Phones final?

On average, an average Android os phone can last for 36 months. Nevertheless, this quantity might be much longer than this. The common lifespan varies according to an individual associated with phone plus the phone it self.

By the telephone it self, we suggest the phone’s brand and model. Some phone brands are recognized to have phones with better endurance. As an example, Samsung, LG, and Motorola phones have longer lifespans than many Android os phones.

Nevertheless, an individual dramatically impacts just how long their phone can past, according to the way they handle their phones. But in spite of how well a phone is performed, it’s going to perish and show some indications, as shown below.

Signs of a Dying Phone

Typical indications of a dying phone are fast battery pack drainage, regular os updates even if it really is updated, and unresponsive phone components.

Frequent Sudden Death

A extremely notable indication about a dying phone is extremely brief phone uptime, plus the phone will suddenly turn fully off although it hasn’t reached 0%.

Fast Drainage of Battery

When a phone starts to perish, its battery pack dies quicker than typical, plus the battery often declines by at least 20 to 40per cent. 

Some other indications you may even notice about battery pack dilemmas in dying phones.

Operating System dilemmas

Besides battery life dilemmas, your phone often crashes, hangs, or constantly brings OS updates notifications despite being updated.

You could also experience longer phone booting than typical, or the telephone will constantly start without switching in.

Hardware Becomes Unresponsive

Another thing to see in regards to the phone reaching its maximum life is the fact that some element of your phone equipment becomes sluggish to react. The buttons, sensors, displays, and ports can become unresponsive.

However, these indications don’t simply take place without an underlying cause. Many times, they have been triggered as a result of our failure to handle our phones optimally.

Factors That may Cause Your Android os mobile To perish Quicker

Here you will find the most typical facets that produce a phone maybe not last long.

Frequently Billing to 100%

If you continuously charge your phone to 100per cent, it’ll reduce its battery quicker. Numerous phone manufacturers suggest your battery pack portion not go not as much as 30% and never more than 90%.

Installing Corrupt Apps

Android labels the installing of apps beyond your Bing Enjoy Shop as “Unknown Sources”. These apps come in .apk structure.

The issue with apps from unknown sources is the fact that some have actually corrupt files and don’t follow Bing apps’ development requirements. These apps can damage your phone and also make it die faster.

How In order to make an Android mobile final longer

Here you will find the methods for you to make your Android os phones stay longer.

When Should You supercede your Android Phone?

There are conditions our phone is in, and we’ll understand it really is about time to obtain a brand new one.

Here is a listing of conditions to understand when it is the proper time and energy to substitute your Android os phone.

How To check on an Android Phone’s Age

The manufacturer information as part of your phone’s package box is the better method to understand your phone’s age.

However, when you yourself have lost your phone package field, there is it during your phone Settings app.

Here is just how to always check Android os phone age through the Settings app.

  1. Go to your Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and then click “System”.
  3. Click “About Phone”.
  4. Go to “Manufacturing Information” to test your phone production date.

Keep in your mind

Some Android phones do maybe not have Manufacturing Suggestions inside their Settings app. For such phones, the serial quantity will suffice. Often, the past digit into the serial quantity denotes the production date. As an example, 7 denotes 2017, 9 denotes 2019, 1 denotes 2021, and 2 denotes 2022.

However, not totally all Android os phones have actually these platforms. Such phones, you can examine your Android os phone manufacturing date by getting the Phone information app. This software brings down your phone details plus the production date.


Knowing just how long a phone can last will help us efficiently handle our phone well and keep it doing at an optimum degree. This informative article has stated the facets that produce a phone stay longer or achieve its optimum lifespan. Learning and applying these facets will definitely assist your phone to last longer.

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