How Long Do Mac Laptops Last?

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A peculiar thing about Mac laptop computers is the fact that their lifespan is not just influenced by whether their equipment continues to be operating. Of program, that is an important element because, over time, Apple prevents making the free areas of a Mac laptop computer available, and repairs become almost impossible. Nonetheless, your Mac laptop’s lifespan additionally depends greatly on whether Apple nevertheless supports its OS.

Quick Answer

The lifespan of a Mac laptop computer is dependent on the total amount of time it is in a position to run a version of OS that Apple supports, the availability of equipment spare parts whenever it needs repairs, how long you’ll upgrade the apps about it, the operations you perform about it, etc. Mac laptop computers can endure between 8 to ten years, based on whether it develops a significant equipment problem.

This article will talk about the facets determining just how long Mac laptop computers final and exactly how to learn if it is time to substitute your old Mac laptop.

  1. Factors Determining the length of time Mac Laptops Last
    • Hardware
    • Software OS
    • Battery energy
    • Usage
    • Software Apps
  2. When Should You substitute your Old Mac computer?
  3. Conclusion

Factors Determining the length of time Mac Laptops Last

Barring unexpected circumstances, Mac laptop computers have an extended lifespan within that they perform optimally. The facets below decide how long your Mac laptop computer can last prior to you replace it.


Five years after Apple prevents offering a Mac laptop computer, it becomes “vintage”. This means its equipment spare components are merely obtainable in some fix stores. Nonetheless, the laptop computer becomes obsolete after seven to eight years, and Apple prevents making the equipment free component available. 

Unless you’ll prevent severe equipment dilemmas that need you to definitely change important elements on your own laptop computer, your personal computer has now reached the conclusion of its time.

Software OS

Apple provides regular updates to computer software OS to avoid protection weaknesses inside your unit. If Apple no further supports the version of one’s laptop’s software OS, you are going to overlook important updates, making your unit at risk of protection breaches. 

On average, it will take Apple between eight to 10 years to cease supporting a version of macOS.

Battery Power

Mac laptops are well known due to their strong batteries, and Apple designs its Mac laptop computer batteries to put on 1000 cycle counts. Every time you charge your Mac laptop computer battery pack from 0% to 100%, you have got finished a cycle. Once you have finished 1000 rounds, the battery pack loses its capacity to hold a charge by 20%.

On average, your Mac laptop computer battery pack works together with 100% efficiency for 5 years before its energy dwindles. After 1000 rounds, the period condition associated with the battery pack modifications from “Normal” to “Replace Soon”.

Follow the actions below to check on your Mac laptop’s period count and condition.

  1. Press and keep the Option key and select Apple Menu.
  2. Click on “System Information”.
  3. Go to your “Hardware” section and choose “Power”. The “Battery Information” part supplies the period count and condition.

When your battery effectiveness falls from 100% to 80per cent after 1000 rounds, you will possibly not hurry to change it straight away. Nonetheless, change the battery pack if you’d like to guarantee top performance.


Suppose you’re making use of your computer for easy tasks like browsing, email texting, term processing, etc. If so, your laptop’s lifespan will likely be considerably longer than if you use it for movie modifying, video gaming, photo modifying, mobile application development, etc.

This is because there was a higher possibility that the computer will nevertheless have certain requirements to perform easy tasks after a number of years. Nonetheless, the heavy tasks may need constant improvements that your particular old Mac laptop computer cannot help.

Software Apps

Your apps constantly need improvements to enhance consumer experience, fix insects, and guarantee the protection of individual information. Before updating your apps to your latest variation, your computer software OS must help it, along with your laptop computer should have the hardware needed to run it. Normally a challenge for obsolete laptop computers.

When Should You substitute your Old Mac computer?

Mac laptops cost an important amount of cash, therefore unless necessary, you ought to defer changing your old Mac laptop computer so long as feasible. 

  • When Apple prevents making the equipment free part available: When your laptop computer becomes “vintage” or obsolete, you ought to begin preparing an appropriate replacement.
  • When Apple prevents supporting its latest form of computer software OS, you’re at risk of protection breaches whenever you’ll not update your computer software OS. it is far better supercede your Mac laptop.
  • When your battery pack not holds your charge: After 1000 rounds, your battery pack can not hold your cost. May very well not notice this straight away in the event that you don’t run hefty operations like movie modifying or video gaming. You may have to change the laptop computer if Apple not creates the battery pack.
  • When it can’t run the latest variations of computer software apps: as soon as your computer is old and Apple not supports its computer software, you’ll have dilemmas updating the program apps on your own laptop.


As explained within the article, the lifespan of one’s Mac laptop computer is dependent on a few facets. But regardless of how old your Mac laptop computer is, it won’t reach the end of its lifespan until it loses the capability to perform the operations you’ll need it for efficiently.

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