How Long Do Wireless Mouse Batteries Last?

Wireless mouse with batteries

A cordless mouse is a pleasant peripheral on a desktop or mobile computer (unless you’re a gamer). It can help to save lots of some area in your projects area through getting rid of an extended cable (mouse cords will always ridiculously long). But the length of time will the battery pack final?

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Depending on the batteries you have got into the mouse, and exactly how you employ the mouse, the batteries can endure ranging from three months and 5 years. That’s a big screen of the time in between, plus it’s the consequence of a few facets you need to start thinking about. 

The cordless mouse is now among the mainstays in desktop computer technology, insofar for the reason that it really is a peripheral with a great deal of customer value. They have been popular and, aided by the right batteries, are very durable and lasting. 

  1. Which Battery may be the Right Battery for a radio Mouse?
  2. Quality Mouse Batteries
  3. Extending the Batteries in your cordless Mouse
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Which Battery is the proper Battery for a radio Mouse?

There is no incorrect, and there is certainly no right. All of it is dependent on everything you choose. In the event that you don’t head maintaining a drawer packed with generic batteries and changing your mouse batteries out every 2 or 3 months, that’s completely fine. There are a great number of alternatives nowadays and any such thing is up for grabs.

  • Standard, name-brand batteries: 3-6 months.
  • Standard, generic batteries: 2-3 months.
  • Standard, name-brand Lithium batteries: 8-9 months.
  • Standard, generic Lithium batteries: 6-7 months.
  • Rechargeable, generic batteries: Up to 2 years.
  • Rechargeable, name-brand batteries: Up to 5 years.

Suppose you would like really, durable batteries, where you’re going to get up to nine months of use between battery pack modifications. If so, you would want to choose lithium batteries, specifically Energizer or Duracell Lithium batteries.

This is obviously one particular situations of having just what you purchase, and in case you day a generic lithium battery pack at heart, you’re going to get a generic outcome. The Energizer and Duracell batteries are for the highest-rated and longest-lasting batteries currently available

Suppose you play it safe, constantly switching your mouse off when it is maybe not being used, maintaining it therefore the surrounding area clean, and exercising a significant level of preventative maintenance. If so, you are able to push lithium, name-brand batteries to almost per year of use before its time for you to change them. 

Generic lithium batteries aren’t bad, at the least maybe not often, however you undoubtedly won’t have the durable use that you will get with name-brand variants. Nevertheless, you’ll nevertheless get a great deal more time away from them than from the standard, generic batteries. 

Lastly, rechargeable batteries will give you a lot of more time before purchasing brand new people. Despite having name-brand rechargeables, just one fee won’t last so long as a regular battery will just before need certainly to charge the batteries once more. 

For example, with a generic couple of rechargeable AA batteries, you could get a month’s worth of good use before recharging them. Even name-brand rechargeables will maybe not give you the month-to-month link between standard, name-brand batteries. 

Quality Mouse Batteries

Several facets make mouse batteries a good investment, especially in the event that you get them in bulk since you don’t would like them decaying in the long run because they sit in certain bookshelf or case, waiting for their change at the back of your mouse. 

  • Solid, long shelf-life.
  • Long-lasting for the purchase price.
  • They never leak.

You’ll frequently notice some flaky, corroded-looking materials inside a pack of batteries which have been in the rack for a long period. This outcomes through the battery pack or batteries leaking, and the dried-up residue is exactly what is leftover into the pack. 

That’s maybe not the hallmark of quality batteries and it is typically one thing there are in a pack of generic batteries. For instance, Energizer’s L91s are designed to have a shelf life of two decades before they also begin to lose a few of the effectiveness associated with the energy inside. 

That’s pretty substantial. Ideally, you should have utilized them up at that time, however, if you ever forget for around 10 years, you are able to pull them from the pack and make use of them as you purchased them from the shelf yesterday. 

You want some durability from the batteries aswell. We listed the timeframes above that you ought to escape these batteries. A mouse doesn’t exactly require a boatload of capacity to run, and that means you should expect you’ll get a respectable amount of the time from your mouse batteries just before need certainly to alter them.

Extending the Batteries in your cordless Mouse

Regardless of which cordless mouse you get, each of them have actually an electrical key. Whenever you can maintain it, be sure to show that key off each and every day you might be finished with the mouse. It’s going to save lots of battery pack in the end. 

Get a light-colored mouse pad. Considering that the monitoring sensor is infrared, it will take much less capacity to work over a white mouse pad than it perhaps will in a black mousepad. If light-colored mousepads violate your desk looks, get a light one with LED lights to accentuate your projects or video gaming area. 

Never mix your batteries and never mix your brands. Constantly follow the exact same make of battery pack and pull them both from the pack simultaneously before placing them in your mouse together. 

After all, its not all battery pack is made similarly, therefore the various voltages make a difference the durability for the batteries as part of your mouse. You constantly wish to keep all things on an even and balanced keel. 


With the weakest, generic batteries available on the market, you ought to get about 8 weeks away from a set of mouse batteries. You may get up to two to 5 years away from rechargeable technology, presuming you turn them away with good timing.

However, your absolute best bet would be to choose the very best batteries you are able to manage without settling for cost savings. Brand-name mouse batteries can cost you less cash in the end. 

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