How Long Does a PS4 Controller Last

  1. What Is the Lifespan of a PlayStation 4 Controller?
    • How to create The Controller keep going longer?
      • Keep far from Water
      • Apply Limited Force
      • Keep It Clean
      • Keep It Safe
  2. How longer Does a Fully-Charged PS4 controller battery pack final?
    • How to decrease the Battery’s Degradation Rate?
    • How to change Your PS4 Controller’s Battery?
    • How Very long Does It Take to Charge a PS4 controller Battery completely?
    • Precautions to just take While billing Your PS4 controller battery
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

What Is the Lifespan of a PlayStation 4 Controller?

How long your PS4 battery lasts is dependent upon just how you make use of it, alter its structure, and make use of it consistently. Invest the proper care of one’s PS4 controller and tend to be maybe not regarding the game all times of the week, your PS4 controller should endure for at the least four years.

As each and every day and evening gamer, you shouldn’t expect your controller to last provided that a person who plays when in some time.

How to really make the Controller keep going longer?

To make the controller final so long as possible, listed here are the care methods for your controller.

Keep Far from Water

Considering that your particular PS4 controller isn’t waterproof, you ought to do every thing to help keep it far from water. It will likewise signify that you do not keep it around with a high conditions in order to avoid forming steam round the controller.

Apply Restricted Force

Understandably, you’re upset that the world wide web is lagging or you did your absolute best to win the overall game, your controller isn’t your anger socket. As opposed to remove your anger regarding the controller, take a stroll, or get a protective plastic addressing for the controller.

And make certain you usually do not strike your controller regarding the wall surface or any difficult surface.

Keep It Clean

Accumulation of dirt in your PS4 controller is likely to make your buttons and analog stick drift. Please don’t wait till the buttons stick just before clean it. Clean the external element of your controller frequently and make use of compressed atmosphere to eliminate the dirt within the internal element of your controller. 

You also can get a PS4 controller to help keep the dust minimal.

Keep It Safe

Apart from maintaining it far from water and vapor, you’ve still got to help keep your controller far from falls and other catastrophes. As soon as your controller isn’t in use, don’t put heavy things onto it, and keep it someplace where you won’t effortlessly fall down.

How Very long Does a Fully-Charged PS4 controller battery pack final?

If you simply got a PS4, its battery pack should endure between ten and twelve hours after a complete fee. So that as time continues on, a completely charged battery pack can last between 6 and 8 hours since the battery pack will degrade due to the fact controller many years. 

How to decrease the Battery’s Degradation Rate?

How to restore Your PS4 Controller’s Battery?

Replacing your PS4 battery pack is another solution to make certain that the battery pack life persists much longer after completely recharging it. The PS4 controller is sold with a 1000mAh battery pack, you could opt to change it with an increased battery pack capability. 

The battery pack replacement procedure is straightforward to complete your self; get a brand new battery pack and set it up


Changing your PS4 controller’s battery pack to a brand new one will void the guarantee. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge a PS4 controller Battery completely?

To fully charge your PS4 controller, it will require at the least 2 hours. If you should be recharging it from halfway, it may maybe not just take that well before its completely charged. 

Charge your controller by plugging your system with a Micro USB cable to the energy supply. Please place it in sleep mode while recharging.

To understand when it is recharging, you will see a light orange club gradually blinking. Whenever you not begin to see the blinking, its completely charged. You’ll be able to check always just how much this has charged by pushing and keeping the PS key, while the fee degree will show regarding the display. 

Precautions to just take While billing Your PS4 controller battery

  1. Use an AC adapter to avoid energy surges from damaging your controller.
  2. Do maybe not utilize smartphone’s Micro USB cables. 
  3. Ensure the USB wall surface charger’s present doesn’t surpass the existing intended for your PS4 controller. 


Charging time could be more if you are using the controller when you are recharging it.


Your PS4 controller battery pack is rechargeable; the greater it discharges and recharges, the faster it’ll degrade. Be ready for enough time, and you may either get a backup controller such that it lasts much longer or change it whenever it wears down. 

The ditto pertains to your controller; even when you can change areas of the controller, you will see each and every day whenever controller itself prevents responding, and you’ll don’t have any option but getting another.

This article offers you the mandatory precautions and directions to ensure your controller’s battery pack is lasting; abide by it faithfully to just take optimal benefit of your controller.

Frequently Expected concerns

Can we leave my PS4 controller on instantly?

If you keep your PS4 controller on immediately once in a little while, it isn’t an issue, particularly if you are recharging it or within the sleep mode. However if you’re constantly deploying it instantly or regularly keep it on instantly, it may degrade your battery pack along with your controller’s lifetime. 

If it isn’t being used, it is advisable to change it down. If its completely charged, don’t keep it plugged in instantly.

When can I get a brand new PS4 controller?

Some individuals have a brand new PS4 controller as the old one is still in good shape to own a backup while increasing the lifespan associated with old PS4 controller.

But if you wish to wait till the old PS4 controller wears down, below are a few indications you observe and understand you will need a brand new controller:

1. The buttons associated with PS4 controller begin sticking.
2. The controller arbitrarily goes down.
3. A completely charged battery pack persists a couple of hours.
4. The controller starts to breakdown.

How very long does the analog stick regarding the controller final?

The analog stick is amongst the very first areas of the controller to wear out. With respect to the quality of materials utilized to help make the analog stick, it will endure for approximately a year just before have complaints. 

What may I do whenever my PS4 controller isn’t billing?

If you have got your PS4 controller plugged in, that you do not spot the orange light blinking. Take to the following suggestions:

1. Replace the Micro USB cable you’re utilizing to charge it.
2. Always check your controller’s billing port.
3. Reset the PS4 controller.
4. Repair the controller.

What do i must clean my PS4 controller?

If you’re concerned about an excessive amount of dirt in your PS4 controller, cleansing it’s advisable. They are the materials needed seriously to clan your PS4.

1. A clean bit of cloth.
2. A T9 screwdriver.
3. A can of compressed atmosphere.
4. Cotton swab.

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