How Many Hard Drives Can a PC Have?

Dining table of articles

  1. The quantity of hard disks your personal computer Can Have
  2. How To check always just how numerous hard disks a Computer may have
    • Method no. 1: starting the PC
    • Method # 2: starting the BIOS system
  3. Steps To Install an extra rough Drive
    • Step # 1: always check SATA Availability 
    • Step no. 2: link the 2nd rough Drive
    • Step # 3: Reassemble the Computer
  4. Conclusion 

The quantity of hard disks your personal computer may have

It is well known that laptop computers or computer systems function significantly more than an individual slot for a tough drive. Theoretically, how many hard disks you could have on your personal computer could be the quantity of  SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) slots. The SATA slot is L-shaped, with a size just like a USB slot. 

Serial ATA could be the connection between a tough drive as well as the motherboard. Many times, you’ll see a motherboard with four SATA slots. In this situation, you are able to link three hard disks and one DVD drive or two hard disks and two DVD drives. Given that modern motherboards can be obtained (including the gaming ones), you’ll see up to six SATA ports, offering more space for hard disk drive installation. 

It ought to be noted that we now have a few up-to-date elements, apart from DVD drives, that will match these SATA ports. Using this, you are able to minmise the likelihood of incorporating more hard disks to your computer. Besides, your computer instance must feature good choices that will keep or hold numerous hard disks. However, if it does not, you can’t have the drives on your personal computer, even when how many SATA ports is very good. 

How To check always just how numerous hard disks a PC may have

You ought to know that before getting one more or outside hard disk drive, once you understand the most quantity of hard disk drives your personal computer can have is essential. Listed here are techniques to always check it.

Method no. 1: starting the PC

This is a way you might not like in the event that you feel that you might inadvertently harm any area of the computer through the procedure. However, if you aren’t afraid of the easy means, you are able to proceed. 

Here’s just how to always check just how many difficult drives your computer can have.

  1. Open the PC.
  2. Look during the motherboard to understand range SATA ports.

Method no. 2: starting the BIOS program

The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is the most essential start-up system for the Computer. It’s embedded as a chip to the system regarding the motherboard; without one, the PC’s system cannot reboot. You need to first get the pre-set BIOS key to gain access to your computer’s BIOS. 

There vary tips, and every of them is based on the motherboard’s model quantity and maker. These include Del, F12, F10, F2, and F1. Although the Computer is booting, you need to press the pre-set BIOS key.

Here’s just how to always check just how many hard disks your computer (Windows 10) may have.

  1. Hold the Shift key and hit the restart choice.
  2. Press the “Troubleshoot” choice.
  3. Click the “Advanced Options”.
  4. Hit the “UEFI Firmware Settings”.
  5. Press the restart button to introduce the BIOS program.

Quick Suggestion

The range SATA ports regarding the motherboard can look after starting the BIOS system. In the event that email address details are unsatisfactory, you will need to increase the hard disk drive expansion slots, buy an external hard disk drive, and take action to simply help boost the computer storage space.

Steps To set up an extra rough Drive

Below are actions to put in an extra hard disk drive in your PC.

Step no. 1: always check SATA Availability 

The first rung on the ladder is always to shut the PC down and turn the ability supply off. You may need certainly to unplug the ability cable if it is necessary. Eliminate the back situation for the computer by detatching the screws, then verify that there is certainly any SATA slot regarding the motherboard.

Step no. 2: link the 2nd complex Drive

If a SATA slot is available, link the 2nd hard disk drive to it. Then, attach the drive to a tough drive bracket. If no SATA can be acquired, you will need to detach less crucial drives (just like the DVD drive) to possess space for a SATA slot regarding the motherboard to put in the 2nd hard disk drive.

Step no. 3: Reassemble the Computer

Screw the rear of the computer after linking and securing the 2nd hard disk drive on a bracket, and turn on the ability supply. However, if you have got unplugged the ability cable, you need to reconnect it. Preferably, your computer should now find new storage area or difficult drive. However, if you can view the brand new hard disk drive, you need to start the BIOS settings and format the 2nd hard disk drive. 


If the thing is the necessity to install another hard disk drive, you need to first just take the appropriate actions to learn just how many difficult drives your computer can have. This short article has provided different techniques and explained how many difficult drives your computer can have. In the event that storage area of one’s Computer just isn’t sufficient, the most effective solution might be to put in one more or outside hard disk drive.

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