How Many Levels Are There in Candy Crush?

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Candy Crush Saga

What’s Candy Crush All About?

How Many amounts Are in Candy Crush?

Candy Crush Soda SagaCandy Crush Jelly Saga Candy Crush Friends Saga Candy Crush DreamworldConclusionWhat Is Candy Crush All About?Candy Crush is a tile-matching puzzle game by King. Players need certainly to meet with the objective for the degree, that will be frequently scoring certain points in fixed techniques or gathering a hard and fast quantity of sweets without needing up most of the techniques.As in other tile-matching games, players swap adjacent sweets in the board to produce columns or rows of three or maybe more matching sweets. The

more matches, the greater amount of points

you obtain for each move.

While you perform, you will get sweets with unique abilities in the board, which you yourself can stimulate by crushing these with adjacent sweets with comparable colors. As an example, the colour bomb candy offers a new matching color for the eight surrounding sweets. Each

  1. completed degree increases your general movie stars and score
    • How Many amounts Are in Candy Crush?
    • As of July 2022, Candy Crush has
    • over 12,185 amounts
    • on Amazon, iOS, Android os, and Twitter. Meanwhile, the Windows 10 form of the overall game has an
  2. extra 90 amounts

. It is possible to remain updated using the precise wide range of amounts into the game via King’s discussion boards.

An additional 30, 45, or 60 amounts are added each Wednesday. Often, King’s forums also conduct polls where you could select the wide range of brand new amounts you would like each week for the future updates. The

creators gather feedback in regards to the brand new amounts on the forum and follow community suggestions when designing more levels.  Candy Crush Saga is recognized as a never-ending saga, along with brand new amounts constantly included, that would be real. But this will be just real for Candy Crush saga and never other game variations. Let’s look at exactly how many amounts you will find in other variations.

Candy Crush Soda SagaThere are 7,480 amounts

into the original Candy Crush Soda Saga, and much more amounts are added with every brand new up-date.

Different variations for the Soda Saga also have been released, just like the fizzy products saga, ice cream area saga, jelly soft drink saga, etc. Each one of these variations has a particular theme that produces them stick out from one another. New levels are added every Friday

, in order to play brand new amounts while you make your path through the overall game. Candy Crush Jelly Saga The Jelly Saga can also be quite much like the Soda Saga (with a jelly theme) but has additional features like secret sweets and combos. This form of the overall game has

262 episodes comprising 5,045 amounts

. Like other variations, that one also gets

new amounts any Friday

Candy Crush Friends Saga Candy Crush Friends is another addition towards the Candy Crush household and includes some figures through the Soda Saga. The overall game has five modes:

Spread the Jam, Fill Empty Hearts, Dunk Cookies, Free Octopuses, and Free Animals.   The game presently has

4,280 amounts, and like other variations, that one also gets new amounts each week


Candy Crush DreamworldDreamworld had been introduced as a different globe through the Candy Crush globe, and to get into Dreamworld, you mustpass degree 50. The overall game has 45 episodes and 665 amounts, nevertheless the game had been removed because of some issues.


Different versions of Candy Crush have actually different amounts, nevertheless the great news is brand new amounts are added every week, so that you don’t need to worry about operating away from levels to try out. And when you’ve currently reached the final degree, there’s you should not panic. You merely need certainly to wait a couple of days, and you’ll get new, exciting levels to try out!

Candy Crush has been with us for a long time now, and when you have got somehow still not played the overall game yourself, we’re sure you understand somebody who has. And understandably therefore, with sweet illustrations, visual colors, smooth game play, and its particular capability to assist people feel less stressed, it is no surprise that this game is such a winner. But what lengths are you able to get into the game?

Quick SolutionCandy Crush has 813 episodes comprising more than 12,185 amounts

, but this will be for the

HTML 5 version. The Windows 10 app has 90 extra amounts, while many players have significantly more than that due to screening.   

The final number of game amounts might help figure out its trouble and complexity. However when it comes down to Candy Crush, it is additionally a method to decide how long you’ll be investing playing the overall game. While you feel the various amounts, they be a little more complex, and matching sweets becomes harder.

Here’s all you need to find out about the amount in Candy Crush. 

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