How Many Times Does an iPhone Ring?

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when you need a large number of Rings Before Voicemail

The quantity of instances an iPhone Rings

Changing amount of Rings on iPhone

Step # 1: having your Voicemail Number

Step # 2: Using the Voicemail NumberStep number 3: going into the wide range of moments for the iPhone To Ring


  1. Frequently expected concerns
  2. when you wish a large number of Rings Before Voicemail
  3. If you’ve got a busy life style and are usually often overseas, you might like to set a
    • higher range bands
    • in your phone
    • before the call goes to voicemail
  4. . Certainly, it really is particularly true in the event that you don’t understand whether or perhaps not you’re getting through with time to get the call.
  5. Furthermore, increasing the amount of bands prior to going straight to voicemail may be helpful if you should be

anticipating an essential call

while in the office plus don’t want to buy become lost amid the rest of the phone calls arriving at precisely the same time.The Wide range of instances an iPhone RingsThe standard ringtone on iPhones is a standard one that plays four times, then switches to your vibrate environment. It is possible to alter this method to a

custom ringtone that plays the same wide range of times

however with a

longer timeframe. However, the amount of times an iPhone bands before it goes to voicemail is the same for each and every tune.Moreover, if you toggle the Ringer/Silent switch to Silent, your iPhone will not ring at all but vibrates for similar duration because it is whenever ringing. NoteYou can avoid ringing and vibration by switching regarding the Airplane Mode. To do this, start the Control Center of one’s iPhone and faucet regarding the airplane switch. When the Airplane Mode is triggered, the switch turns orange.In addition, once the iPhone is in Airplane Mode, you’ll not get any phone calls, as well as the caller is routed right to your voicemail.

Changing Quantity of Rings on iPhoneYou can customize the amount of bands

before your iPhone would go to voicemail. Therefore, whenever a call will come in, you certainly will

hear more bands

for a long period prior to going directly to voicemail.

Our step by step guidelines can help you replace the wide range of bands in your iPhone, allowing the telephone to band longer.

So before any wait, this is actually the way for changing the amount of bands on an iPhone.

Step number 1: having your Voicemail NumberFirst, open the “Phone” app in your iPhone and dial *#61#

. Once you touch the green phone switch, you’ll be prompted together with your voicemail quantity. Finally,

note it down


Step number 2: utilizing the Voicemail quantityNow available the “Phone” app once again and dial *61*. Next, follow this rule together with your voicemail quantity: *61*+12345678


Do maybe not press the dial switch now.Step no. 3: going into the wide range of moments for the iPhone To RingAfter dialing your voicemail quantity as well as the rule, dial *11*just after it. Now type within the wide range of moments you would like the iPhone to ring

For example, consist of that quantity if you like it to band for 30 moments in the place of 25. The

entire rule must seem like this at the conclusion: *61*+12345678*11*30Finally, press the dial button

and wait for confirmation call from your own provider solution. Quickly the amount of bands of one’s iPhone will alter while increasing through the mainstream four to five times. NoteYou may also make use of the voicemail quantity minus the + indication.

SummaryIn this guide on how several times an iPhone bands, we talked about whether you need to set a top wide range of bands before voicemail and explained the amount of times an iPhone bands. More over, we now have additionally covered just how to alter the amount of bands or the full time it requires to redirect a call to your recipient’s voicemail. We hope that now you understand the amount of times an iPhone bands and that can replace the wide range of bands before rejecting the decision or being redirected to your voicemail.Frequently Expected concernsWill the caller have the ability to see if we declined or blocked them?

If you decrease or

block a call

, the caller will realize that you’ve got done this. If you say goodbye, the caller is provided for your voicemail prior to the bands are finished. Besides, they’re not going to also achieve you via your voicemail for those who have obstructed them.

Apple’s iPhone is a globally recognized smartphone, and despite its extensive usage, many individuals don’t realize its a few aspects. As an example, do you realize exactly how many times an iPhone bands before it prevents?

Quick Solution

An iPhone rings four to five times for around 25 moments prior to going to voicemail. But, to alter that, dial *#61# regarding the mobile application to obtain a voicemail quantity. Next, enter the voicemail quantity regarding the dial pad, include *11*afterward, and mention the amount of moments you would like your iPhone to band.

When you can get a call in your iPhone, it rings it doesn’t matter what you do. Also it continues to ring before you answer or disregard the call. But also for the length of time does it band? We took the full time to create an in depth guide with this subject for better understanding. 

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