How Many Watts Does a Laptop Charger Use?

Dining table of articles

  1. Method # 1: Checking your Charger’s energy Brick 
  2. Method # 2: Calculating your Laptop Wattage
    • Multiplying Volts and Amperes 
  3. Method # 3: Visiting the state Website
  4. Summary 
  5. Frequently expected Questions 

Method # 1: Checking your Charger’s energy Brick 

The simplest way to check on your laptop computer charger’s wattage is just take its energy brick to check out the wattage. To get the wattage part on your own energy stone, decide to try shopping for a “W” symbol on your own stone. The number right next to the “W” symbol is your charger’s wattage.

However, in the event that you can’t find your laptop computer charger’s wattage on your own energy brick, don’t worry. It is really not unusual for businesses to overlook the wattage part on the laptop computer charger, but there is however you don’t need to worry as there are more methods to find down your laptop’s wattage.

Method no. 2: determining your Laptop Wattage

Checking your laptop’s wattage will need one to get the calculator out and do a little maths. Typically, many laptops explain to you their voltage and present usage in the place of their wattage. Consequently, if you want to learn the wattage on your own laptop computer, you have to do some maths. With that in mind, it is possible to determine your laptop’s voltage by following below-mentioned actions.

  1. Go to your laptop’s Power Brick.
  2. On your energy Brick’s sticker, try to find “Output.”
  3. Note down both your voltage and current.

If you have got a charger that will not have label, there’s no necessity to worry. To learn your laptop’s voltage and present, you will need to undergo its individual manual. You’ll find the voltage part within the manual’s power section.

Multiplying Volts and Amperes 

Now that you could determine your laptop’s voltage and present needs, you will need to learn its wattage. To get down your laptop’s wattage, there clearly was an easy formula you will need to indicate:

Watts = Volts * Amperes 

To help you better realize the technique, we’ll show a good example. If a laptop voltage is 19.5 Volts and also the present production is 3.34 A, the clear answer will likely to be 65.13 Watts which approximately equals 65 Watts. Now perform some ditto for the laptop computer charger, and you will certainly be ready to go.


Be cautious with utilizing high wattage chargers with products that don’t need much energy. Tall wattage chargers can produce plenty of temperature and harm your unit and energy socket.

Method no. 3: Visiting the state Website

If you can’t find your laptop’s voltage or don’t want to determine its wattage, you will find your charger’s wattage by going to its formal web site. Almost every chargers internet site contains details about their products or services’ wattage consumption.

However, in the event that you can’t appear to find your laptop’s wattage, decide to try finding your laptop’s wattage on various technology discussion boards. Before you get and commence going right through these forums, be sure you be cautious as there clearly was plenty of false informative data on these discussion boards.


Finding your laptop’s charger wattage is significant as it could save from having your laptop computer fried. Nevertheless, finding your laptop’s wattage is an inconvenience because so many organizations don’t place the charger’s wattage regarding the stone. But, there’s no necessity to worry as this guide can help you determine your laptop’s wattage in no time.

Once you’re done going right through this guide, you won’t only have the ability to determine your laptop computer charger’s wattage but in addition other products’ wattage.

Frequently Expected concerns 

Is 60W enough to charge a laptop?

For many laptop computers, a 60 Watt charger is sufficient. Nevertheless, if you work with a gaming laptop computer with high-end specifications, a 60 Watt charger won’t be adequate. Consequently, before purchasing your self a charger take a look at your laptop’s wattage requirements.

Can I personally use a 65w charger in the place of 90w?

You may use equivalent charger for various laptop computers before the voltage is significantly diffent. But remember that when the charger you’re utilizing does not satisfy your laptop’s needs, your laptop computer will begin drawing power from your own battery pack. Consequently, it isn’t perfect to utilize a 65 w charger in the place of a 90 w one.

Can you harm a laptop using the incorrect power?

Yes! It might be most readily useful if you didn’t fee a laptop with a charger which has an alternative voltage reading from your own laptop computer. The reason being an increased voltage can find yourself completely damaging your laptop computer. Nevertheless, in the event that power has an increased present value nevertheless the exact same voltage, you may get away with utilizing that power.

Do Dell laptop computers all make use of the exact same charger?

No, all Dell laptop computers don’t use equivalent charger. Nevertheless, a few of them may use equivalent charger, nonetheless it completely is determined by the laptop’s requirement as opposed to the charger’s business. Therefore, if you’re about to make use of the exact same charger for the unit, decide to try searching for your laptop’s voltage requirement ahead of time.

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