How Much Can I Sell My HP Laptop For?

  1. Features That influence the buying price of an HP Laptop 
    • Processor 
    • Graphics Card 
    • Storage 
    • Screen kind 
    • Battery Condition 
    • Condition of Casing 
  2. Conclusion 

Features That influence the buying price of an HP Laptop 

Whether or perhaps not your HP laptop computer is well tried after depends on which features include it. To simplify the entire process of offering your HP laptop computer, we’ve assembled a summary of features that will influence the price tag on your laptop computer. It may appear laborious to look into each category, however the function on your own laptop computer is an essential part of its value. 

Below are options that come with laptop computers you need to consider whenever establishing the purchase price on your own listing.  


The form of processor on your own laptop computer is amongst the primary things causing its value. The higher how many cores, the clock rate, therefore the cache, among other items, the more value the laptop computer could have. Most HP laptops have either an AMD or an Intel processor. 

Note that generally, AMD processors are cheaper than Intel processors, even though this doesn’t mean one is inferior incomparison to one other. Additionally, the generation regarding the processor which comes on your own laptop computer is another determining element of its value. Older-generation processors are usually cheaper than newer-generation processors because newer-generation processors have significantly more processing power

Graphics Card 

Another function to watch out for whenever trying to puzzle out the worth of your HP laptop may be the form of GPU that is included with it. Some HP laptops have a dedicated visuals card, while other people have an integrated one. 

Laptops with a dedicated visuals card are far more expensive than people with an integral visuals card since they can manage more graphics processing requires. In the event your HP laptop does come with a separate pictures card, the kind of specialized visuals card will even influence the purchase price. NVidia and AMD would be the top manufacturers of visuals cards. 


The storage space products — the hard drive as well as the RAM — in your HP laptop computer additionally donate to the worth. An HP laptop computer with a tough disk drive or HDD can be less valued than one with a solid-state drive or SSD. When you can simply change the hard disk of an HP laptop computer, very few individuals are ready to undergo that difficulty. 

The RAM on your own HP laptop computer additionally matters. Some HP laptop computers may use DDR3 RAM, some usage DDR4, while today’s laptops utilize DDR5 RAM sticks. The slot for every single of the RAM sticks varies, as does their read-write rate. Folks are following the fastest RAM slot; ergo, the more contemporary the RAM is on your own laptop computer, the higher the RAM room as well as the more valuable your laptop computer would be. 

Screen kind 

You must also think about the form of display on your own laptop computer. The sort of display on your own HP laptop may be such a thing from an IPS, LED, LCD, and even AMOLED. The type of display on your own laptop computer determines the picture quality and, in change, the purchase price. The refresh price, brightness, and display size additionally matter when contemplating the display type on your own laptop computer. 

Most significantly, the quality matters a whole lot. While many HP laptops have an HD or 1920 x 1080 pixel quality, this is simply not the utmost resolution an HP screen might have. Some HP laptops have a 4K quality of as much as 2160 x 3840 pixels. A 4K quality provides four times as much pixels as the full HD display, this means more information for the eyes. 

Battery Condition 

whenever offering a used laptop, one concern lots of people usually ask may be the battery’s condition. All batteries have actually a finite lifespan. Ergo, the battery wellness will reduce after billing and discharging it for many rounds. 

However, if you’re able to make use of your laptop computer therefore well that the battery pack wellness doesn’t depreciate much, you have access to a fair cost. But assume the battery pack wellness of your HP laptop has diminished considerably. If that’s the case, it could influence just how much anybody would be ready to buy it because they understand they’ve to incur further costs for a battery replacement

Condition of Casing 

Finally, the laptop’s aesthetics highly influence simply how much you are able to offer it. Even in the event every thing into the laptop computer appears to be operating completely, individuals tend to offer the lowest cost in the event that casing isn’t in good condition. This describes why numerous organizations offering refurbished laptop computers change their casing to improve their value

Moreover, whatever platform you need to offer your HP laptop would ask you for the health of the laptop computer. Various platforms utilize different grading levels to speed the looks for the laptop computer. But general, the neater the laptop’s casing with little to no scratches and dents, the greater amount of cash you’re going to get. 

Other facets

Other features including the keyboard quality, biometric protection, form of digital camera, ports, as well as Wi-Fi or cellular system, amongst others, impact the laptop’s price.


Your HP laptop’s present value is determined by the model, condition, and age. Additionally, understand that the working platform you promote your HP laptop computer on the market may also influence just how much you make by the end for the time. Several of those platforms might even provide a totally free estimate in line with the model and condition of one’s laptop computer. Of course you’d want to earn more income from offering your HP laptop computer, go with an upgrade before offering it. 

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