How Much Do Computer Repairs Cost?

Dining table of articles

  1. how come Computer Maintenance crucial?
  2. Types of Computer fix Services
    • Removing Viruses
    • Hardware Repair
    • Scanner, Printer Repair
    • Software Glitch
  3. Cost of Computer Repairs
    • Software Installation/Repair Cost
    • Virus Removal Cost
    • Hard drive substitution Cost
    • Complete Tuning of Computer Cost
    • Liquid harm fix Cost
    • Motherboard substitution Cost
    • Fans Repair and substitution Cost
    • Screen substitution Cost
    • Power Jack fix Cost
    • Keyboard substitution Cost
    • Data healing Cost
    • Wireless Network Installation Cost
    • Laptop Rental provider
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

how come Computer Maintenance crucial?

There are numerous explanations why computer upkeep is vital. Those hateful pounds are: 

Types of Computer fix Services

There are different types of computer fix solutions. These is repairing a small Computer environment, getting rid of viruses, changing equipment, or updating the complete operating-system, and also the price of these solutions varies properly.

So to respond to just how much computer repairs expense, listed below are several types of computer fix solutions and their respective normal quotes.

Removing Viruses

A virus may be exceptionally harmful to your pc, and that means you require computer professionals to eliminate the herpes virus without risking crucial information in your PC.

Hardware Repair

If your pc has incurred real harm, you will need a computer repair technician to put in brand new hardware or repair/update hardware.

Scanner, Printer Repair

You will have to just take the services of a professional when your computer accessory, such as for instance a scanner or printer, need repair due for some fault.

Software Glitch

Software glitches can decelerate your personal computer and corrupt crucial information and files; hence, its another kind of problem by which you’ll require software repair services.

Cost of Computer Repairs

The price of computer repairs is dependent upon the complexity and extent associated with issue, travel costs associated with professional, where you are, additionally the technician’s skills.

Usually, computer professionals charge around $50 to $100 each hour for work. Meanwhile, computer repair expenses can range from ten dollars to $1000.

We will share various problems your pc can encounter and their particular fix cost ranges.


Some basic problems like mistake communications, frozen displays, and intensely sluggish computer systems is addressed and fixed in the home by shutting them down and restarting them over time.

Software Installation/Repair Cost

Most computer repair stores charge ten dollars per pc software install. But, when your Computer calls for factory reinstall with a complete back-up of the information, you’ll should spend someplace between $40 to $150, with respect to the problem.

Virus Removal Cost

Companies frequently include virus elimination expenses within the hourly work charges associated with professional or offer virus reduction at a discounted price along with other repairs. This frequently costs around $50 to $100. You could purchase virus and spyware security software for $20 to $60 to complete it your self. 

Hard drive substitution Cost

Replacing a tough drive can cost you somewhere within $100 to $225, including the work price. This is dependent upon the hard disk kind you intend to update to, such as for instance SATA, SSD, or NVMe.

Depending on the dimensions of the SSD, its up-gradation expense can start around $50 to $300. One of the keys point here’s that the greater amount of area you have got in your hard disk, the greater amount of cash you’re going to have to purchase it for repairs or improvements.

Complete Tuning of Computer Cost

A complete computer tune-up includes checking it for viruses, adware, PC update (if required), and monetizing its rate. This could cost you nearly $150.

Liquid Harm Repair Cost

If your pc has minor liquid harm, you’ll be charged around $100. But, when your Computer is completely corroded, you’ll need certainly to invest somewhere around $250 or higher to fix it.

It is relevant to say right here that the fee depends maybe not regarding the level of fluid that went into the computer but on the damage the fluid has triggered.

Motherboard Substitution Cost

The motherboard the most high priced areas of a pc, and its particular replacement can price anywhere between $150 to $300+ based upon whether you have got a normal Computer or a high-end device.

Fans Fix and Replacement Cost

Computers frequently have clogged, leading to overheating and system failure.

To keep carefully the PC operating,  you will need to clean the computer ports, fans, and also the entire system within the Central Processing Unit instance. In the event that you suspect the cooling fan to function as the culprit for the problems, it should be changed. Fan fix and replacement can run you $99-150, including work.

Screen Substitution Cost

The are priced at for screen replacement of the Computer or laptop computer depends a great deal on whether you have got a normal or a high-end laptop computer and exactly how long it will require to fix it—usually, the display fix expense range from $125-225+.

Power Jack fix Cost

Power jack fix can cost you around $100 to $200.

Keyboard Substitution Cost

Third-party cheap keyboards can be simply changed for around $10, while regular Computer keyboard replacements will set you back about $100 to $120. Meanwhile, Mac keyboard replacements is pretty high priced.

Data Healing Cost

If you need a simple information transfer solution, it could price around $99, while a Tier 3 RAID data recovery on a tough drive with defective heads can cost $2000. Therefore, so far as the average guess goes, information data recovery can price ranging from $99 to $1000+.

Wireless System Installation Cost

A expert Computer fix professional will take $100 or higher to put in your cordless community securely.

Laptop Rental Service

once you give your PC/laptop for fix, many computer fix stores offer a laptop for lease. The laptop leasing solution will surely cost around $50.


If it gets exhausted or unreliable, you mustn’t fix your power. Just change it if it wears out or is underpowered, as fixing might have serious effects in your PC’s performance leading to information loss as well as hardware failure. 


In this guide regarding how much computer repairs expense, we shared why computer upkeep is very important, the kind of computer fix solutions, and their selling prices.

We hope that this guide is informative for you personally, and today you better understand just how much each repair expenses. 

Frequently expected concerns

Is your personal computer worth fixing, or should you change it?

Get a free of charge fix estimate from a pc fixing store before fixing or changing your pc. Then, ask your self if fixing the device will probably be worth time and cash or perhaps is it simpler to invest some additional bucks and get a fresh one.

What is the normal lifespan of a laptop?

According to many experts, the common lifespan of a laptop is 3 to 5 years. It could stay longer than that, nevertheless the performance and rate degrade slowly, and it surely will never be in a position to run advanced and latest applications.

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