How Much Does Staples Charge To Fix an iPhone Screen?

When your iPhone display is damaged, or there may be other issue wrong along side it, you could get it fixed at an Apple store in your direction. But, if an Apple store seriously isn’t next to you, there are several other options you should employ, like Staples. Therefore, you must know merely simply how much Staples will charge to correct an iPhone display. Quick AnswerThe iPhone screen fix cost at Staples varies in line with the model concerning the iPhone. But on average, Staples’s iPhone screen replacement costs

between $29.99 and $229.99Getting your iPhone display replacement at Staples has its reasonable share of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, all repairs done at Staple are supported by a

one-year warranty

on elements. Also, Staples is not an avowed Apple solution center; hence, restoring your iPhone at Staples will

void your Apple warranty


Keep reading to learn more about getting the iPhone display replacement from Staples. 

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