How Much Gold Is in an iPhone?

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  1. Why Is silver utilized in iPhones?
  2. How Much Gold can be used to make an iPhone? 
  3. How Much Gold can be used by Apple annually?
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Why Is silver utilized in iPhones?

Let’s tackle the primary concern first; isn’t silver an expensive thing to make use of in creating smart phones? Thinking about the range phones sold annually, it is really not astonishing to locate organizations utilizing costly resources in creating phones.

Apple alone offered 217 million iPhones in 2018. Therefore, it would likely never be that costly for a high-selling brand name to make use of silver. But arriving at the concern, exactly why is it found in 1st destination?

Gold isn’t the best product for performing electricity, however it is nevertheless probably the most utilized element. It offers good conductivity, allows freedom during design, and does perhaps not rust effortlessly with time.

Quick Trivia

Tin, lead, silicon, and tungsten are also materials found in an iPhone. Tin and lead would be the many utilized materials aided by the greatest structure quantity. 

How Much Gold can be used to make an iPhone? 

It is reported that Apple utilizes 0.018 grms of gold in an iPhone. You’ll find numerous the different parts of the motherboard plus the cellular phone made from gold. 

To be accurate, there are silver of a thickness of a couple of microns within the mainboard lines, chips, IDE interfaces, PCwe Express slots, processor sockets, and also the SIM card tray. In the event that you consider it externally, there are making use of silver in charging coils and cameras too. 

Keep in your mind

Exchanging your iPhone in value of silver will perhaps not would you a bit of good since the number of silver found in an iPhone is fairly tiny, as much as only a little over $1.5. Using a lot more than 40 phones would result in the number of gold as much as 1 gram. Today, in 2022, 1 gram of silver is respected at roughly $58. Therefore, you can purchase 40 iPhones or get 1g of gold.

How Much Gold can be used by Apple annually?

You may well not look at the tiny value for the silver utilized as a substantial quantity; you’ll be appropriate because it does perhaps not equal $2 worth of gold in one iPhone. But that’s the fact; it really is just one iPhone.

If you are taking the figure of iPhones offered in a single 12 months, it crosses the 200-million mark. If you combine that small quantity, it equals more than 3.5 a great deal of silver; this is the mark Apple hit in 2019 alone. 

However, Apple has yet to ensure the total amount of silver found in iPhones. They’ve perhaps not disclosed this since they have obtained critique about mining silver. The entire process of extracting gold is damaging to the environmental surroundings, but Apple claims to make use of recycled silver within their iPhones. 

Because smartphones come and get, plenty silver goes to waste annually. Based on Slims Recycle, they will have recycled silver comparable to 789 Olympic silver medals from smart phones, and also this was at 2015, it is therefore a horror to take into account the total amount of silver recycled today.  

Quick Trivia

Apple utilizes a robot called Daisy to recycle old iPhones. The robot can dismantle around 200 iPhones in one hour. Nevertheless the final amount of iPhones disassembled by iPhone remains a secret. 


The utilization of silver in iPhones may possibly not be that high. Nevertheless the total number of silver found in a million iPhones sold annually is fairly high. In addition to that, Apple is criticized for utilizing such an amount without recycling the old silver through the older smart phones. Develop which our weblog surely could resolve all of the burning questions in your head.

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