How Much Is My Apple Watch Worth?

  1. What could be the Trade-In Value of Apple items?
  2. On What Aspects Does the Trade-In Value Count?
  3. How Much Is Your Apple Watch Worth?
    • Check the Trade-In Value Through the Apple Store
    • Check the Trade-In Value Through Best Buy
    • Compare rates With utilized Devices on Sale
  4. Summary

What may be the Trade-In Value of Apple items?

Unlike other smart products, where you must go to the market and always check just how much your unit will probably be worth, Apple enables you to check always your device worth from the trade-in value. Nevertheless, to obtain the absolute most from your own unit, you can follow that conventional training, however it will require up alot more time.

Trade-in value could be the amount you can expect to get on offering your device. In many instances, you obtain this quantity as a credit voucher, which are often utilized purchasing brand new products.

Apart from Apple’s official shop, you will get trade-in value from numerous other online merchants. Therefore, getting the greatest estimate for the old view, its encouraged to test different online stores.

On What aspects Does the Trade-In Value count?

The quality of the device and also the product’s lifespan are only two of many factors that affect trade-in value. In light of the, it stands to reason why more recent iPhone or Apple Watch models could be more valuable than previous ones.

If you’re planning to offer your unit, the perfect time is before the release of the latest models. After Apple presents fresh models, the worthiness of current devices depreciates. In addition, the price decrease is roughly 30%.

How Much Is Your Apple Watch Worth?

The easiest way would be to figure out your Apple Watch’s trade-in value through the Apple Shop or other web sites like most readily useful purchase.

Check the Trade-In Value Through the Apple Store

You can very quickly check out the trade-in value of the iPhone, Apple Watch, or MacBook through Apple’s formal store.

  1. Visit the trade-in section at Apple’s formal site.
  2. Drag right down to the base of the web page, and choose “Apple Watch”. Once you choose it, it’s going to request you to point out Apple Watch’s serial quantity.
  3. To have the serial quantity of your view, head to Settings > “General” > “About”.
  4. You might find your device’s serial quantity;  content that quantity on the site.
  5. After verification, you will notice the trade-in value for the Apple Watch.

The trade-in value is changed into a gift card, which are often utilized purchasing a brand new item into the apple shop.

To get a sense of simply how much worth your Apple Watch is, right here’s a listing of the most credits you are able to get against your old view.

Apple Watch Maximum Trade-In Value**
Apple Watch Series 6 $150
Apple Watch SE $105
Apple Watch Series 5 $115
Apple Watch Series 4 $75
Apple Watch Series 3 $40
**The information is taken for Apple’s formal store. Here is the optimum credit you may get from the particular view. Nevertheless, the specific trade-in value depends on the healthiness of your view.

Check the Trade-In Value Through Best Buy

Like Apple, numerous web sites like Best Buy also provide you with an alternative to determine the trade-in value. Getting quotations from numerous web sites might help you better realize simply how much your view will probably be worth.

  1. Visit the trade-in part regarding the Most Useful Purchase website.
  2. Slide down the page, and pick “Smart Watches”.
  3. The website will ask you a few concerns.
  4. After you answer these, you get to a brand new website; select your product through the list.
  5. Select the condition of the view: “Good”, “Poor”, or “Recycle”
  6. The website will show the trade-in value, which might be credited to your account.

Compare Prices With utilized Devices for sale

Apart from checking the trade-in value, you can find down simply how much your watch’s worth by checking the costs of utilized items. 

You can check out web sites like eBay, which sell out utilized services and products. Verify that your Apple Watch is detailed as a used product. When it is, you may get a notion in regards to the present cost of your view.


If you intend to offer your Apple Watch, you’d be interested to learn its present worth. One of the ways would be to check always its trade-in value through the Apple shop or other internet vendors. Another means would be to check out the rates of utilized items noted on offering web sites like e-bay. 

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