How Much Storage Does an Xbox One Have?

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Throughout the years, Microsoft has constantly been updating the specifications of its console lineup. With all the constant technical development, storage space and processing attended a considerable ways, particularly into the Xbox One – just dropping in short supply of Xbox Series X | S. 

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In terms of storage space, the Xbox One features 500 GB of storage space into the base variation. Nonetheless, it could only theoretically keep 362 GB worth of information. It is because there was a variety of facets that occupy the storage space before you can install such a thing. 

An Xbox’s storage space is straight related to the console’s variation. Consequently, variants can arise with regards to the model wide range of Xbox One. 

This guide takes a deep plunge to the storage space complexities for the Xbox One systems, such as the hard disk limitations. 

  1. what exactly is Expandable space, and exactly how Does it Work?
  2. Why Do you want Extra space on Xbox One?
  3. Using exterior Storage to boost Space
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently expected concerns

What is Expandable space, and exactly how Does it Work?

The idea of expandable storage space relates to the console’s compatibility with external hard disk drives. Generally speaking, the storage space news was once soldered with all the motherboard, rendering it impossible for the end-user to update. 

Luckily, expandable storage space lets you connect an increased ability hard disk using the standard 500 GB variation, therefore letting you boost your Xbox’s storage space externally. 


Your drive might have less area than advertised because a drive’s ability is dependant on Kibibytes in other words. 1KB = 1000 Bytes. Nonetheless, Windows determines bytes in Kilobytes i.e, 1KB is 1024 Bytes.

Why Do you want Extra space on Xbox One?

Unlike the newest Xbox models, the Xbox One utilized to come with a simple 500 GB space for storing. While that has been generally speaking sufficient to down load as much games as required by the last requirements, a solitary game can occupy significantly more than 100 GB now

Therefore, 362 GB of storage space news just isn’t sufficient should you want to play numerous games. As you can theoretically handle your storage better by freeing your hard disk when required, things can head out of control eventually. 

This is especially because facets like game updates and feature improvements boost the storage space necessary for the particular applications. For instance, contemporary Warfare has fluctuated file sizes which range from 33.6 GB to  70+ GB in the past few years. 

Consequently, video clip and audio tracks additionally simply take a good amount of area. Nonetheless, as a gamer, it is normal to record your video gaming shows and share all of them with your peers. 

Using exterior Storage to boost Space

Xbox One supports virtually every hard disk in terms of outside storage space. Nonetheless, a couple of prerequisites need the outside storage space become at the very least 128 GB. That said, you will have to make use of USB 3.0/3.1 to get in touch your drive to your console

Once that is completed, your Xbox will immediately identify the brand new outside hdd. While you might’ve guessed, this more recent drive will add more storage space to your 362 GB pool. Consequently, it is possible to elect to get because high as you need in terms of storage space. 


Only USB 3.0/3.1 supported drives are appropriate for the Xbox One. Nonetheless, you can update the generation for the outside hard disk by swapping the USB 2.0 module with a USB 3.0/3.1 one. 


In essence, the storage space on an Xbox One is not stagnant. Whilst the base 500 GB drive just supports 362 GBs worth of saveable storage space, it is possible to increase it up to you want – considering the fact that one’s body supports it. 

Frequently expected concerns

How many Xbox Games can 1 TB hold?

An Xbox One system with 1 TB tough Drive area can quickly hold 18 to 20 reasonably sized games. This metric is susceptible to alter with regards to the size for the game under consideration. 

Is a 500 GB Xbox sufficient today?

Yes, you won’t have the ability to fill the storage space up until you perform numerous games frequently. With games getting very big, you may have to think about buying outside storage space. 

what exactly is the common size for an ongoing Game?

The file size of a game differs in the game kind. Some games usually takes a whopping 70 GB’s worth of area, whereas other people just need 2-3 GB. Consequently, numerous games get regular updates that increase/ decrease the general game’s quality. Consequently, an average of, the quality of a game title varies between 20 – 30 GB. 

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