How Tall Should a Computer Desk Be?

  1. How To Determine the right Desk Height for You
    • Feature # 1: Monitor Position 
    • Feature no. 2: chair Position  
    • Feature no. 3: Armrest Position 
    • Feature no. 4: Feet Position 
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently anticipated issues

How To Determine the right Desk Height for You

Whether you’re trying to get a standing or a sitting desk, exactly how it influences the job of your respective foot, fingers, and mind things a lot. While deciding the height of your respective computer desk, find the career of other things relative to the desk. 

Below, we shall elaborate more on which to take into consideration whenever determining the very best computer desk. 

Feature no. 1: Monitor Position 

The destination of your respective monitor on a pc desk relative to your sitting or standing destination matters significantly. The monitor should be placed at least arm’s length from your own face. Furthermore, the desk’s height is in a fashion that the monitor is below the horizontal visual axis.  

If your desk is just too high, the monitor will more than likely become on the horizontal creative axis, forcing your neck to tilt up, consequently causing throat vexation. Intending for a height that puts the monitor at attention level is well. Shoot for the most truly effective the monitor to never be much more than your attention level.  

Feature no. 2: chair Position  

If you are making use of a seated destination, the chair invest conformity because of the desk usually crucial. You need to adjust the chair’s armrest, backrest, and height predicated on the body. But if you’re making use of a standing place, realize that you shouldn’t stay appropriate in the front of the workplace desk too much effort as constant standing might lead to irritating vexation and impact your concentration. Meanwhile, you can alternate between standing and sitting. 

Furthermore, the backrest of the chair should recline to about 110 amounts. Nevertheless it may vary the recline of the backrest between 90 and 120 amounts. In case chair’s backrest angle is just too deep, it will change the standard S-shape of the spine, that triggers disquiet in the long run. 

Feature no. 3: Armrest Position 

Another thing which comes into consideration when selecting the greatest computer desk height will be the position of the keyboard and mouse in relation to your supply. Your armrest is the appropriate destination when it is throughout the same height even though the desk

Ideally, an optimum desk height will need your arms sitting comfortably at 90 amounts to your sides. However, you can vary the angle betwixt your paid down supply and paid down supply to ensure that its not not as much as 70 amounts or higher than 135 amounts

Feature no. 4: Feet Position 

Finally, the job of your respective legs should be in a fashion that you’ve got really enough leg area when sitting while you’re viewing computer desk. The desk shouldn’t be consequently low that you don’t have enough space for your feet. And neither in the event that desk become too high that you can’t spot your own feet firmly to the flooring.

Your feet shouldn’t dangle while seated while you’re viewing computer desk. Use a stool to relieve the worries in your own feet in the event the feet aren’t well planted to the flooring while the desk is just too high. You need to adjust the chair according to the height of the desk. The surface of the and paid down leg angle should form a right angle or an angle not as much as 125 amounts

Quick Tip

If you’re having issues determining the appropriate desk height that will be comfortable, take the time to work with any desk height calculator, such as for example tools Omni Calculator, Inch Calculator, etc.


Getting a pc desk for the workplace with a sturdy design, wide area, and adjustable height is preferred, as it provides maximum value for the bucks. It’s also advisable to ensure you adjust the height of your respective desk, in order that it’s right in your case. In case desk is just too high or too brief, it is going to cause much disquiet in the long run. So when your desk is not adjustable, adjust your chair and have a footstool if needed. 

Frequently anticipated issues

What is a good desk degree? 

The degree of a pc desk will be the distance through the leading part towards the back. A desk with a depth between 26 and 36 ins is great for accommodating numerous products you’d need to wear a desk. However, you can shoot for pretty much determined by your workplace area as well as the size of products it is in addition crucial to wear the desk.

How far in the event that desk be through the wall surface area? 

Considering you’ve got enough a workplace, a desk’s minimum distance relating to the desk as well as the wall surface area should be between 33 and 36 ins. You must provide that much area concerning the desk as well as the wall surface area so you could easily maneuver around. 

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