How To Access BIOS on an Asus Laptop

ASUS laptop:

2 techniques To Access the BIOS on an ASUS LaptopMethod # 1: utilizing the HotkeysMethod # 2: utilizing the Windows Settings ASUS Laptop Not Loading Windows and Entering BIOS straightConclusion 2 ways to Access the BIOS on an ASUS LaptopThere are primarily two methods through which you’ll enter the BIOS energy to alter the

CMOS settings

, boot purchase series, encrypt the BIOS, and so many more. The techniques consist of accessing the BIOS either via hotkeys or Windows settings. Wish to know how exactly to enter the BIOS on an ASUS laptop computer? Here you will find the methods.Method # 1: Using the HotkeysYou can enter the BIOS on an ASUS laptop computer utilizing the hotkeys — the absolute most simple technique. Nevertheless, you’ll have actually a matter of seconds to press the hotkeys. Otherwise, the os will load as always, and also you must restart the laptop computer. Here’s a step-by-step guide to entering BIOS on ASUS laptop computers via hotkeys.

Shut down the laptop computer (if operating) and change it in once more by pushing the power buttonOnce the laptop computer begins and also the ASUS logo design seems in the display screen, press the F2 or Del key. Press and support the key before the BIOS display screen is presented prior to you. Keep at heartIt is advised to press and support the F2 key until the BIOS display screen is presented rather than press the main element a few times in the startup screen. The F2 key might not necessarily work, because the correct hotkey varies with every model. Hence, an alternate option to press may be the Del key or the

Insert key. You could take to pushing the F10 key in the event that mentioned before tips don’t work. Method # 2: utilizing the Windows Settings 

imagine if the F2 hotkey will not redirect you to definitely the BIOS display screen? Stress perhaps not! Another solution to enter the BIOS energy is through the

Window’s Settings

  1. ; Microsoft has added the functionality of going into the BIOS from
    • Windows 8 onwards
    • . Here’s a step-by-step guide because of this technique.
  2. Go to
  3. System Settings

of the Computer and then click on “

Recovery“.Find the “Advanced Startup” and then click in the “Restart Now


Once the computer restarts, a blue display screen with different alternatives seems. Find the “Troubleshoot” through the on-screen menu. 

  1. Click “Advanced Alternatives” and “
  2. UEFI Firmware Settings” in the next display screen. When expected, click “Restart“, and you’ll enter the BIOS energy. 

ASUS Laptop Not Loading Windows and Entering BIOS straight

Many users have actually reported a challenge where in fact the ASUS laptop computer straight goes into the BIOS energy and will not load the os. In the event that you also face the matter, you’ll have actually to restore the BIOS settings to default. Here’s how exactly to do it.

Enter the BIOS energy in the ASUS laptop computer by pressing the F2 or Del key on startup. Go to “Advanced Mode” by pressing the F7

or utilizing the

cursorGo to “Save and Exit” and then click on “

  1. Restore Defaults” to revive the settings. Choose “OK” through the on-screen pop-up. Conclusion 
  2. Do you need to replace the boot purchase series, upgrade the BIOS, clear the old one from insects, or alter any higher level hardware-related settings on ASUS — you’ll have actually to enter the BIOS energy on your own ASUS laptop computer first. You’ll access the BIOS energy by pushing the F2 key on startup or the Windows Recovery menu.

    BIOS is the main input and production setup in a pc that links the equipment and computer software. The BIOS accounts for loading the running system

  3. (OS) in a Computer and managing information movement and directions involving the computer software and equipment (attached devices towards the motherboard). To get into a couple of settings regarding your ASUS laptop computer, such as for instance establishing the boot purchase, configuring the hard disk drives, memory settings, BIOS password, and much more, you’ll need certainly to enter the BIOS setup into the ASUS laptop computer. 
  4. Quick responseYou can enter the BIOS energy on an ASUS laptop computer in 2 methods. You’ll access the BIOS either through the hotkeys or Window’s settings
  5. . To enter the BIOS utility, you’ll have actually to press the F2 or

Del key

(varies with models) during the startup.On the other side, you’ll access the BIOS on ASUS laptop computers from Windows settings

  1. . Head to System > “
  2. Recovery” > “Restart Now (Advanced Startup)” > “Troubleshoot” > “Advanced Alternatives
  3. ” > “UEFI Firmware Settings“.BIOS is located in the EPROM, and if you hit the power button

to start out your laptop computer, all of the functional tasks are paid to BIOS, which loads the OS. Any improvement in the standard settings might wait the startup time or cause other mistakes. 

This article will show you on going into the BIOS energy on an ASUS laptop computer to alter the CMOS settings, upgrade the BIOS, or clean the older people from insects. Without further ado, let’s get going.

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