How To Access Home Network Remotely

  1. Method # 1: enabling Remote Management in your Home Router
  2. Method number 2: making use of Remote Access Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • Alternative Steps for Macbook
  3. Method # 3: making use of Third-Party Apps Like TeamViewer
  4. Method # 4: making use of Remote Desktop
  5. Conclusion

Method # 1: enabling Remote Management in your house Router

When you’re in the home, accessing your router is just about simple. All you’ve got to complete is input your property router’s ip in a web web browser. Nonetheless, to get into the router remotely, you have to form the public ip followed closely by your handy remote control port quantity, frequently 8080 by standard. 

Your router’s remote administration function is obviously switched off for protection purposes. To show it in, stick to the actions below.

  1. Type your property router’s IP target in your on line web browser.
  2. Enter your account. Make sure it is a very good password to stop hackers from gaining usage of your system.
  3. After gaining access to the router’s web portal, open “Settings” or “Tools”.
  4. Find the “Remote Management” or “Remote Access” choice.
  5. Enable “Remote Management”.
    Your router’s remote access had been switched off by standard for protection reasons. Whenever you help it, make sure that you simply take the steps needed to produce your property network secure. You certainly can do the following.
  6. Change your standard slot quantity from 8080 to a different number.
  7. Use a very good Admin password as opposed to the standard login.

Enabling remote access is step one. As your house system is assigned a dynamic general public ip, it’s going to keep changing. This may never be a reason for concern when you’re in the home as you can invariably check out the brand new general public ip in your family computer.

However, to get into the community remotely, you can’t manage to have a public ip that keeps changing as you can’t discover the brand new ip from a remote location. That’s where powerful DNS (DDNS) is available in. In conclusion, by joining DDNS, you link your powerful general public ip to a set domain title. 

The fixed domain title may then be utilized instead of your powerful general public internet protocol address. DDNS additionally constantly updates any alterations in the general public internet protocol address, nevertheless the fixed domain name continues to be the exact same. Once you understand the fixed domain title makes it simple to get into your property target remotely.

Method number 2: making use of Remote Access Virtual Private system (VPN)

VPN lets you access your property system remotely and make use of it as you are there. Proceed with the actions below setting it up.

  1. Ensure that the house router has an integrated “VPN” functionality.
  2. Log in to your back-end “Admin Panel” of one’s router in your family computer.
  3. Go to computer software settings and enable “VPN” functionality.
  4. Turn on “Remote Access” or “Remote Management”
  5. Create a user account for the remote computer and install VPN software regarding the computer.
  6. Go towards the “Control Panel” in your remote computer and available “Network and Sharing”.
  7. Select “Create a fresh Connection”.
  8. Choose the right VPN and enter your property router’s ip.
  9. The remote computer can now access your home system.

Alternative Procedures for Macbook

Steps 6, 7, and 8 above can be applied for Windows computer systems. For Apple computer systems, please follow these actions.

  1. Go to your Apple menu in your remote computer and available “System Choices”.
  2. Click “Network” and choose “Add” at the end of the system solutions connection list.
  3. Choose the right VPN through the menu and enter your property router’s IP address.

Method no. 3: making use of Third-Party Apps Like TeamViewer

TeamViewer is ideal for accessing your property system from a remote location. Setting it, all you’ve got to complete is stick to the actions below.

  1. Ensure the latest variation of TeamViewer is installed on both the remote and home computer systems.
  2. Log into the “TeamViewer App” on your own family computer. 
  3. Go to “Extras” near the top of the application form web page and choose “Options”.
  4. Go to your “Security” tab and input an individual password.
  5. Go to your “Remote Access” tab to see and make a note of “Your ID”.
  6. Log directly into TeamViewer on the remote computer.
  7. Go to your “Remote Access” tab.
  8. Click on “Add Computer”.
  9. Enter the ID you noted earlier in the day therefore the individual password you created. 
  10. Click “OK” to accomplish the bond. Now you can access your property computer from your own remote computer.

Method # 4: making use of Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is an integrated function which allows you to definitely link your remote computer to your residence computer and control it as though it had been prior to you. Remote Desktop is a very common function employed by professionals whom dominate your pc from a remote location and assistance you repair it.

To usage Remote Desktop, stick to the actions below.

  1. Turn on both the remote unit while the family computer.
  2. Go to “Settings” in your family computer and then click on “System”.
  3. Click allow “Remote Desktop”.
  4. On your remote computer, type “Remote Desktop Connection” within the search bar.
  5. Select “Remote Desktop Connection”.
  6. Input the name of the house computer.
  7. Click “Connect”.


Now that you’re armed with this specific knowledge, you won’t need certainly to rush home if you forget to duplicate crucial papers out of your home laptop computer to your projects laptop computer. You can test these procedures and retrieve all of the files you will need remotely.

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