How To Activate a New Sprint Phone

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Activating New Sprint Phone

Method # 1: Activating Your Phone Online

How To Find Your IMEI Number

Method # 2: Activating Your mobile By Calling Customer Support


Frequently expected Questions

  1. Method # 1: Activating Your Phone Online
    • Sprint allows its clients to trigger their mobile from their internet site. This process enables the consumer to truly save lots of time and energy. Nevertheless, for somebody who hasn’t activated a Sprint phone in their life, the procedure may be a little hard to understand.
  2. To activate your Sprint mobile online, you’ll want to feel the after actions:
  3. Visit the
  4. Activate

web page on

Sprint’s Website


  1. Press Sign In To activate.After that, log in
  2. to your Sprintaccount
  3. .Inside your account settings, click manage this product and choose Activate a fresh phone. Once you push the Activate a fresh phone, you will require your brand-new phone’s serial quantity
  4. along with your SIM card serial quantity. To access your phone’s serial quantity, you are able to just get the phone’s package, as well as on it, you’ll find your phone’s serial number.If you can’t find your unit noted on the Sprint site for whatever reason, you will require the IMEI quantity of your unit. There are some methods for you to find your IMEI quantity. Finally, after following most of the actions mentioned, watch for two mins

and restart your unit.How To get Your IMEI quantityEvery phone has a unique

IMEI quantity. To locate your phone’s IMEI, you’ll want to visit your phone settings and search IMEI in your research club. In the event that you can’t find your IMEI quantity in your settings, you are able to get access to it by dialing *#06#

in your phone, along with your IMEI will pop up.

In the occasions where both regarding the above practices aren’t optimal for you personally, decide to try choosing the IMEI quantity in your field. Every phone field has got the serial and IMEI quantity regarding the particular unit onto it.Method no. 2: Activating Your mobile By Calling supportIf activating your Sprint unit making use of a web web browser is not for you personally, you can ask support for assistance. To trigger your phone by this process, you will definitely nevertheless need to find out your device’s IMEI and serial quantity. Both of that can be achieved through the means mentioned previously.

To phone customer care, you’ll want to dial (888) 211-4727. Thoughts is broken in touch with a person solution agent, you’ll want to question them to trigger your phone. They are going to begin requesting for the username and passwords and phone information. When you give them most of the needed information, your phone may be triggered.

The information needed by the agent will primarily include your:


IMEI and Serial Number


  • SprintLogin qualifications.SIM card ICCID
  • quantity, according to your SIM card status. Social Safety Quantity.
  • SummaryIf you’re having problems into the past while activating your Sprint phone, this guide will walk you through it. Whether it is the internet way of activating your unit or the calling one, both will allow you to reach your objective with simplicity as well as in almost no time.Frequently Expected concerns
  • What number would you phone to trigger a Sprint phone?To activate your Sprint phone through calling, you’ll want to phone the custom solution representative. If you use a phone, you are able to just dial (888) 211-4727, and will also be ready to go.

How do We swap phones on Sprint?

You can swap your phone by changing your present unit with a fresh unit in the Sprint site. Log on to your sprint account and choose include a fresh unit through the manage this product dropbox to include a fresh unit. When you add a fresh unit, eliminate your old unit, and will also be in a position to swap your phones,

Can we just swap SIM cards on Sprint?

No, Sprint does not enable its individual to simply swap their SIM cards. Nevertheless, if you wish to swap your SIM card to a more recent unit, you’ll want to phone client service and possess them set your brand-new unit along with your SIM card through the IMEI of the phone.

Sprint had been the most considerable community providers into the U.S. After Sprint merged with T-Mobile in 2020, the provider formed one of many 5G sites into the U.S. Nevertheless, if you’re some of those whom got their hand on a Sprint phone prior to the two businesses merged, activating your brand-new Sprint phone could be confusing.

Quick Answer

As of now, there are two main methods to trigger your Sprint unit. The very first one calls for one to get on the Sprint site and include a fresh phone, although the latter calls for one to phone their client solutions. Regardless of what technique you select, both will need the IMEI of your unit.

Now you have actually familiarized your self utilizing the fundamental notion of activating your phone, it is time for you to discover all of the different methods you need to use.

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