How To Adjust Volume on LG TV Without Remote


Did you lose your LG remote? Or did the batteries die you while blasting some music, now you can’t reduce the sound? Whatever may be the actual situation for you, don’t worry, as there are methods to lessen your LG television volume without a remote.

Quick Answer

As of now, there are two main how to adjust the amount in your LG television without a remote. The very first is to utilize a credit card applicatoin to manage your LG TV remotely, even though the 2nd one calls for you to definitely make use of the real buttons provide in your LG TV.

Both of those techniques rely upon the type of your LG television. Consequently, before going forward, find out about your LG television and also make yes which technique is for you personally. Therefore with no further ado, let’s get started doing this guide.

  1. Method # 1: utilizing an App as a Remote
    • Installing LG ThinQ
    • Setting your LG ThinQ remote
  2. Method # 2: making use of real buttons
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected Questions

Method # 1: utilizing an App as a Remote

These days using your mobile as a remote replacement is now popular. The capacity to personalize your remote functionality without needing a battery changes has inclined visitors to utilize their phones to regulate their LG TVs more regularly.

If you might be one of many individuals mentioned previously or perhaps somebody who really wants to adjust their amount however your remote died. The very first thing you must do is get an app that may allow your phone behave as a remote.


Some remote apps may necessitate the user’s phone to possess infrared sensors. Therefore before getting an app, be sure you check whether your phone has an IR Blaster or maybe not, in order to save time.

Installing LG ThinQ

There are numerous apps nowadays that let your phone to be utilized as a remote. But today, I will be making use of an app called LG ThinQ. ThinQ is an app produced by LG it self such that it could be more optimized for LG devices. Nevertheless, you should use any software that you’re confident with.

Anyways let’s make contact with the subject. Therefore here’s how it is possible to install LG ThinQ in your mobile and get remote access to your LG television.

  1. Go to the App Store on your Phone.
  2. Search LG ThinQ within the search bar.
  3. Press “Install” to obtain the app.

Now which you have actually gotten the software in your unit, the next phase is to create it up.

Setting up Your LG ThinQ remote

Once you have got your LG ThinQ remote downloaded in your mobile, there are many things you must do.

For beginners, you’ll want to register to your software it self, which you yourself can do by:

  1. Launching your App and pushing Next before the App goes to your Sign-Up web page.
  2. Inside the Sign Up page, choose your register kind.
  3. If you aren’t registered yet, you’ll want to go right to the LG site and create a merchant account or link your current records.

Now which you have finally logged in switch on your device’s Bluetooth and Location Services. When that is performed, you’ll want to include a tool for your requirements to gain access to the app.

You can truly add a tool by:

  1. Tapping in the Add a tool on your property Screen.
  2. Now select from Scanning the QR code or Manually finding your unit.
  3. If you select your unit manually, make fully sure your mobile and also the LG TV are employing the exact same WiFi connection.
  4. Lastly, to connect your phone along with your television, enter the pin presented in your TV.

Once you might be done installing your unit, it is possible to get access to it from your property Menu. Through the house menu, head to your LG TV and find the remote that will help you adjust your volume.

Method # 2: utilizing real buttons

If you have got an older model LG unit, initial technique may possibly not be enough for you personally. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry as this guide has one thing waiting for you for you personally too.

For this technique to exert effort, you’ll want to get near and individual along with your LG television. Based on your unit, your Volume buttons might be situated on either the leading part or the rear of your LG television.

Once you are able to find your buttons, all you have to do is:

  1. Look for the Vol + and Vol – on your LG TV.
  2. Press the Vol + switch to increase your amount.
  3. Press the Vol – switch to decrease your volume.


Nowadays, accessing your appliance with an app is a widespread incident. Whether you might be making use of an AC, washer, or some other Smart unit, if this has remote functionality, a mobile can be utilized as a substitute remote.

Moreover, this guide can not only assist you to adjust your amount without a remote, nonetheless it also assist you to get a handle on many remote products by using an individual phone.

Frequently Expected concerns

Where could be the amount switch on an LG TV?

Depending in your television model, it is possible to find the quantity switch on either the leading part of your LG television or in the Backside. When you have difficulty finding your amount Buttons, you can always check LG’s site for assistance.

How could I control my LG TV with my phone?

To control LG television by using a phone, you will need an app. The software is either an LG software or a third-party software you trust. We advise that you try the LG ThinQ software, because it lets you get a handle on numerous products through the exact same phone.

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