How To Allocate More RAM to Specific Programs

  1. Different solutions to Allocate RAM on a PC 
    • Method number 1: utilising the Task Manager 
    • Method # 2: making use of Third-Party Apps 
  2. Conclusion 

Different solutions to Allocate RAM on a Computer 

The easiest method to enhance the performance of a certain application would be to allocate more RAM to it. For those who have currently set up the most of RAM you are able to install in the PC or are not able to get hold of more RAM, you ought to increase the digital memory on your personal computer. However, if you’ve got restricted RAM room, you should think about setting up more RAM on your personal computer. 

The digital memory on your computer functions just like the RAM. The essential difference between RAM and digital memory is virtual memory moves information from RAM to disk storage for a short span. Observe that while digital memory functions like RAM, they’re not because fast as RAM. Thus your computer moves information it doesn’t need instantly to your digital memory, although it simply leaves the most crucial information into the actual RAM. 

Below, we elaborate in the actions to follow along with to allocate RAM to particular apps on a PC. 

Method # 1: utilising the Task Manager 

The Task Manager is a software application tool on Windows PCs that displays most of the processes and programs presently operating on your computer. Its a fantastic device for monitoring your PC’s performance. You may utilize the Task Manager to monitor the system status on your personal computer. It really is without doubt a good device and certainly will be useful for RAM allocation.  

Here’s how exactly to allocate RAM with Task Manager.

  1. On your Windows PC, click on the Start icon, look for “task manager”, or utilize the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc to introduce the Task Manager. 
  2. Click in the “Detail” tab towards the top of the duty Manager screen. 
  3. From record of operating applications, look for the app you intend to allocate more RAM to and right-click about it. 
  4. From the pop-up option, hover within the “Set Priority” choice and set it at “High” or “Real-time”, based on simply how much RAM you would like your computer to allocate. 
  5. A prompt will pop-up on your personal computer requesting to verify the modifications. Select “Change Priority”, and you will shut the screen. 

Keep at heart

With the Task Manager, you cannot allocate a certain number of RAM to a certain application. Nonetheless, it just allows you to prioritize RAM usage to particular apps.

Method # 2: making use of Third-Party Apps 

Finding the right third-party app to use is what’s most important because of this task. You need to use a few third-party apps to allocate RAM to particular programs. You can find free and paid variations, based on your objective. For instance, if you’re going to use a Minecraft host, you’ll need sufficient RAM to guide users and any in-game modification. Computer software like CurseForge will be handy in allocating RAM to try out Minecraft effectively on your personal computer. 

Here’s utilizing CurseForge to allocate RAM on a PC.

  1. Download and install the CurseForge application on your personal computer. 
  2. Launch the CurseForge application and then click in the gear icon during the lower-left part of the display screen. 
  3. In the Settings menu, search for the app-specific area and select the application you intend to utilize, in this situation, Minecraft. 
  4. Scroll down, plus in the “Java Settings”, utilize the slider to select simply how much RAM you intend to allocate by dragging it and dropping it where you would like. 
  5. The modifications will save you automatically, in order to leave the application whenever done. 

Quick Note

Allocating more RAM to a certain computer software on your pc is preferable to prioritizing it. Nonetheless, allocating more RAM to computer software making use of third-party apps varies; this will depend on which you’re using.


RAM the most critical elements that affect the computer’s performance. If the available RAM is low or inadequate, applications as well as other computer software on your pc will perform slow and also crash betwixt your task. Thus, the necessity for you to definitely understand how to allocate additional RAM to a program.

While you may possibly have thought you’d require complex rule and every thing in between to allocate RAM, it really is pretty easy for anybody to do. Nonetheless, note to not over-allocate RAM to particular apps as this will cause apps on your personal computer to crash. 

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