How To Allocate More RAM To Steam Games

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For a gamer, Steam the most popular video gaming platforms. But often, you’ll face performance problems in Steam games. One of many feasible reasons is low RAM allocation. Can you experience lag, low Frame per 2nd, or undesired crash problems? Wish to play games efficiently by allocating more RAM to Steam games? Considering just how to get it done? This short article give an explanation for actions necessary to designate more RAM to Steam games to savor the game play with no performance problems.

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Within the limits of one’s equipment, you simply cannot straight allocate more RAM to any task. Nonetheless, you’ll take back some area by shutting the unneeded history tasks and establishing your game concern high through the job supervisor. You may disable your anti-virus and adjust the game play settings.

This article provides a walkthrough to test most of the methods necessary to allocate more RAM to your Steam game. Ultimately, you’ll have a smooth performance.

  1. Can You Allocate More RAM to Steam Games?
  2. Does Allocating More RAM Enhance Game Efficiency?
  3. Methods to Allocate More RAM to a Steam Game
    • Method number 1: End Unused Tasks
    • Method # 2: Set tall Priority for a Steam Game 
    • Method # 3: Disable Your Antivirus
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Can You Allocate More RAM to Steam Games?

Remember which you cannot straight allocate the total amount of RAM to virtually any system manually. Nonetheless, you’ll help out with a means that indirectly performs this task by closing the other apps that free up the memory. After the RAM is free, now it could be assigned to your game. You may set your Steam game on a top concern.

The primary thing to notice the following is that should you are operating a 32-bit Windows (that is perhaps not popular nowadays), the usage of RAM limits to 4GB. Nonetheless, you’ll fix this dilemma by reinstalling a 64-bit variation. From then on, the utilization of RAM will increase with regards to the Windows that you apply.  

Does Allocating More RAM Enhance Game Efficiency?

Well, there are a great number of other facets independent of the RAM that people has to take into consideration whenever talking about the game performance. Like, ping price, game pictures, net connection, Computer requirements, etc. If other things have been in their finest state, therefore yes, allocating more RAM will boost the performance of one’s game. Your game will run smoothly with no lag or crashes.

But observe that you’ll only allocate that much RAM that is usable. You should look at your hardware limitations too.

Methods to Allocate More RAM to a Steam Game

Method no. 1: End Unused Tasks

If you’ve got too numerous history apps operating, they consume the RAM required to try out the overall game. A high-priority task within the history can get plenty of RAM. To permit the overall game to utilize more RAM, close the unnecessary apps running within the history.

To shut the unused apps through the task supervisor, follow these actions.

  1. Press ctrl+alt+del after which simply click on “Task Manager”.
  2. Click on the “Processes” tab from the “Task Manager”. Right Here you can view the status of each software about how much memory it will take, Central Processing Unit use, etc.
  3. Right-click in the task which is not necessary to run and then click on “End Task”.

Method # 2: Set tall Priority for a Steam Game 

By setting the concern of a job to “high”, the operating-system will allocate additional RAM compared to that task. It’s one of the better how to allocate more RAM to your game. It’s going to eventually increase the game’s performance. The concern of an operation determines its place within the processing queue. Prioritized tasks receive concern whenever allocating system resources like Central Processing Unit some time memory, letting them run smoothly.

It’s not suggested to set a game concern to “Realtime”. This causes the computer to focus on the overall game over other tasks to perform it since quickly as you are able to, possibly causing other apps or system demands to cease working.

To set your game on high concern for the smooth functioning, proceed with the actions below.

  1. Press ctrl+alt+del after which simply click on “Task Manager”.
  2. Click in the “Details” tab.
  3. Right-click in your Steam game and hover over “Set Priority”. It’s going to start other drop-down options for concern like low, below normal, normal, above normal, high and real-time.
  4. You can transform its concern to “high” through the variety of options.
  5. You are going to be prompted to alter the concern. Click “Change Priority”. And you’re done.

Also, observe that web web browser tabs play a job for those who have active memory-intensive sites, such as for example internet browser games or streaming services. If you should be playing a game title as well as your memory utilization is at optimum, the overall game might crash anytime. Therefore replace the concern quantities of apps knowing Computer maintenance.

Method # 3: Disable Your Antivirus

As your Antivirus checks every operating application for viruses within the history, it acquires a big part of memory. Further, in addition scans your game when it runs. It decelerates the game performance. So that it’s smart to disable the Antivirus. In the event that game you need to play isn’t pirated, you don’t need to worry about the disabled Antivirus.

Different Antiviruses have somewhat other ways to make them down. Generally speaking, you’ll right-click on your own Antivirus icon through the taskbar in order to find the substitute for disable it.

You also can include an exception for the game within the Antivirus pc software. 


Allocating more RAM to your Steam game can enhance its performance by after the above practices. This guide really helps to allocate additional RAM to your game without changing any equipment. Nonetheless, purchasing an improved processor and incorporating more RAM can increase the performance to an excellent degree. It’s a great concept to invest some money to quickly attain what you are actually trying to find.   

Frequently expected concerns

How much RAM is advised for Steam games?

Generally, your operating-system need 8 GB for Steam games without numerous history apps. Nonetheless, you will require 16GB of RAM to perform history applications with Steam games. For hefty games, however, you’ll need 128 GB of RAM. Advisable is always to get an improved GPU with extra RAM.

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