How To Balance AirPods

  1. What Goes On Whenever Your AirPods Are Not Correctly Balanced?
  2. How To Balance AirPods
    • Method # 1: Clean the AirPods
    • Method # 2: Adjust the Settings
    • Method # 3: link Your AirPods Again
    • Method # 4: Factory Reset Your AirPods
    • Method # 5: utilize the AirPods With Another unit
  3. Conclusion

What Happens whenever your AirPods Are Not correctly Balanced?

If your AirPods aren’t properly balanced, one may be louder compared to the other. This could easily destroy your experience, as what’s worse compared to the noise being odd on such high priced earbuds? Fortunately, there are numerous techniques that will help you balance the AirPods, so we are likely to mention them all in more detail.

How To Balance AirPods

Following are practices that will help your balance your AirPods. 

Method # 1: Clean the AirPods

AirPods will always within the ear, to allow them to effortlessly get the earwax. Additionally, dirt as well as other debris may also get stuck inside them, that may result in the noise become low. In cases like this, you’ll want to clean your AirPods in numerous methods. You can test blowing air in to the check out result in the dust emerge or use a cotton swab to eliminate the earwax. Both will allow you to clean the AirPods, and you’ll ideally begin hearing equal noise from both AirPods after it. 

Method # 2: Adjust the Settings

If the aforementioned technique does not work, you have to visit Settings and adjust the noise. Often the sound just isn’t correctly modified, and another gets more noise compared to the other. 

If you have got 1st or 2nd-generation AirPods, you’ll head to Settings > “General” > “Accessibility” > “Hearing“. Right here, you will notice a section called “Balance“, where you are able to adjust the sound utilizing a slider. You’ll want to bring the slider to your center to permit the machine to circulate the sound to both AirPods similarly. The sound won’t get adequately balanced if it is either in the left or the best part. 

If you’re using AirPods Pro or AirPods 3rd gen, you need to head to Settings > “Accessibility” > “Audio/Visual” > “Headphone rooms” > “Transparency Mode“. After allowing “Custom Transparency Mode“, the slider will be prior to you. 

Method # 3: link Your AirPods Again

Connection dilemmas may also make one AirPods noise louder compared to the other. In cases like this, you’ll want to link your AirPods again along with your unit. To work on this, you need to proceed with the actions mentioned below.

  1. Remove your AirPods from your own ear and place them back to their case
  2. Go to your Settings regarding the unit with that you simply connected the AirPods, then access the Bluetooth settings
  3. Turn down the Bluetooth and wait for about 15 seconds.
  4. Turn it in again, and link your AirPods together with your unit.

This will ideally fix the issue.

Method # 4: Factory Reset Your AirPods

If reconnecting your AirPods hasn’t fixed the problem, you need to factory reset them. This is often carried out by after these steps.

  1. Put the AirPods back into their case.
  2. Keep the lid regarding the case open
  3. Press and hold the button discovered regarding the straight back regarding the case for about 15 seconds. So as to the light can change from orange to white.
  4. After the white light seems, close the actual situation lid to finalize the factory reset process.

Connect your AirPods once more together with your unit, and you’ll ideally hear equal noise from both of these this time around.

Method # 5: utilize the AirPods With Another unit

If you’ve got tried every thing we talked about plus the issue is nevertheless right here, decide to try linking your AirPods with a different device. You’ll have the ability to discover whether there clearly was a problem together with your AirPods or together with your unit. In the event that AirPods are working fine in the other unit, there clearly was a problem together with your older unit. 

But if the AirPods are perhaps not balanced also in the 2nd unit, there will be something incorrect together with your AirPods. In cases like this, it is suggested which you simply take them to a repair shop, as just they could repair it at this time. They will either do the repair for you personally or request you to buy a new one in the event that problem is beyond fix. 


This ended up being just how to balance AirPods. As you can plainly see, the procedure is pretty simple and easy will need you barely one minute. However if you’re struggling to balance them, you need to simply take them to a repair store to allow them to get analyzed by an expert.

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