How To Block Facebook on iPhone

Block Facebook

Blocking Facebook on iPhone

Method number 1: Blocking Twitter on Safari

Method number 2: utilizing an App BlockerMethod # 3: Blocking Twitter Installation on iPhoneSetting Up Twitter App Limits on iPhoneSummary Frequently expected concernsBlocking Facebook on iPhoneIf you have got no concept just how to block Facebook on your own iPhone, our after 3 step by step practices can help you do that task quite easily. Method # 1: Blocking Twitter on SafariWith these basic steps, iPhone enables you to block Facebook on Safari utilizing the Screen Time feature.Open Settings.Tap “Screen Time”


“Content & Privacy Restriction”

  1. .
    • Switch on
    • “Content & Privacy Limitations”
    • .
  2. Tap
  3. “Content Restrictions”
  4. and select

“Web Content”



“Limit Adult Sites”

  1. .Tap
  2. “Add Website” under the “Never Allow” section and enter the Facebook URL
  3. .That’s It!Once you have got added the Twitter Address, you’ll see
  4. “You can’t browse these pages at “” since it is restricted” regarding the display screen once you take to accessing the Facebook site on Safari.Method number 2: utilizing an App BlockerFreedom app is a good application blocker to block a Facebook session on your own iPhone, which you yourself can do into the following way.  
  5. Go towards the App Store and install the
  6. Freedom application on your iPhone.Launch the application and tap “Try Freedom” >

“Install App Blocker”

> “OK” >


.Use your Touch ID or passcode to add

  1. VPN designs.Tap the blocklist icon in the bottom of one’s display screen and choose “Add a blocklist”.
  2. Move the toggle next to Twitter on place and tap “Save”.Start the Facebook blocking session by tapping “Start Session” > “Session Length”
  3. > “Start”. Once you touch
  4. “Start”, you won’t have the ability to make use of Facebook on your own iPhone before the session concludes. Quick SuggestionTo make sure the Facebook software is obstructed precisely on your own phone, available Settings
  5.  and choose “General” > “Background App Refresh”. Then, turn fully off the Twitter toggle switch.
  6. Method # 3: Blocking Twitter Installation on iPhoneYou can put a block which will limit Facebook from being set up on your own iPhone. Open Settings.Tap “Screen Time”.Tap

“Content & Privacy Restrictions”

.Switch on “Content & Privacy Restrictions”.Select “iTunes & App Store Purchases” and tap

“Installing apps”


  1. Tap “Don’t Allow”.
  2. All Done!Once you have got chosen “Don’t Allow”
  3. , you’ll not manage to install Facebook on your own iPhone until you choose “Allow”.
  4. If you have got maybe not enabled “Restrictions” on your own iPhone before, faucet on
  5. “Restrictions”, put up a four-digit passcode, and re-enter it to verify.Setting Up Twitter App Limits on iPhone
  6. Do you have got many due dates and desire to avoid Facebook but don’t want to block the application on your own iPhone entirely? It is possible to give consideration to installing an app limitation. Open the Settings app

through the

Home display screen of one’s iPhone.Tap “Screen Time” and choose

“App Limits”.Tap “Add Limit” and choose “Social” through the pop-up menu.



  1. through the drop-down list and faucet “Next”.Set a daily time period limit
  2. for Facebook and faucet “Add”.All Done!Now, you’ll see
  3. “You’ve reached your limitation on Facebook” on your own phone display screen whenever your application limitation expires.Summary In this guide on the best way to block Facebook on iPhone, we’ve provided 3 various practices you should use to limit usage of Facebook on your own phone. We’ve additionally investigated installing the Facebook software limitation on your own unit.Hopefully, your enquiry is answered in this essay, and you’re now in a much better place to block Facebook on your own phone.
  4. Frequently Expected ConcernsHow do I unblock Facebook on Safari?If you need to block anybody on Facebook, start the software on your own phone, select the
  5. menu icon, and tap “Settings & Privacy”

. Under the

“Audience and exposure” section,



and select pages by selecting

“Add to obstructed list”


How could I restrict those sites that may be accessed on an iPhone?You can restrict those sites that may be accessed on your own iPhone when you go to Settings > “Screen Time” > “Content & Privacy Limitations”. Touch “Content Restrictions”, choose “online Content”, and choose “Allowed Websites Only”.How do we block Facebook software tracking on my iPhone?Block Facebook application monitoring on your own phone by starting the Settings app

and choosing

“Privacy”. Touch “Tracking” and reject access to Twitter by turning from the toggle switch.

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Are constant Facebook notifications distracting you and hampering your efficiency? Blocking Facebook on your own phone might resolve your trouble. Although doing this is pretty easy, numerous iPhone users struggle along with it.Quick AnswerTo block Facebook on iPhone, available the Settings app, head to “Screen Time”


“Content Restrictions” > “online Content” > “Limit Adult Websites” > “Add Website” to enter the URL associated with the Facebook website.We have actually written an extensive step by step guide on the best way to block Facebook on your own iPhone with simple guidelines. We shall additionally explore the entire process of including a Facebook software limitation regarding the device.

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