How To Block iMessage on iPhone

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  1. 2 No-Brainer Methods To Block iMessage on iPhone
    • Method # 1: Blocking iMessage Through the communications App
    • Method # 2: Blocking iMessage through Device’s Settings 
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  3. Frequently expected concerns 

2 No-Brainer Methods To Block iMessage on iPhone

Any associated with two blocking techniques explained in this area can be obtained to be explored conveniently. But before going ahead blocking iMessage senders making use of some of the two supplied techniques, you have to know how it works. Read the two ways to block iMessage on iPhone below.


You should comprehend that the moment you block senders on iMessage,  you totally limit them from giving messages for your requirements through the immediate message solution, calling/video calling you on FaceTime, or sending SMS texts. 

Also, notifications won’t be sent to block connections regarding the actions. Notwithstanding, you will find available actions you can take to understand in the event that you’ve been obstructed on iMessage.

Method number 1: Blocking iMessage Through the communications App

One regarding the effective techniques you need to use to block unsettling communications from to arrive is through the communications software. Using this, you’ll handle spammy communications you get numerous times each day.

Here’s how exactly to block somebody iMessage in the communications software: 

  1. Launch the device’s messages app by tapping on “Messages.”
  2. Select the discussion you desire to block – as soon as it starts, touch it.
  3. Click in the “i” switch into the top right associated with discussion screen. 
  4. Tap the sender’s contact, title, or email at the top the display screen.
  5. Hit “Block This Caller” close to your base of the device’s screen.
  6. Tap “Block Contact” to ensure your intention to limit the transmitter.


If you don’t feel blocking somebody on iMessage, you’ll choose for muting conversations out of this contact via iMessage. Getting this done, click “Messages,” swipe to your remaining part of a conversation you want to mute, and hit the crossed-out bell icon.

Method no. 2: Blocking iMessage through Device’s Settings 

Another solution to block iMessage is through iPhone Settings. It’s a simple and quick solution to limit somebody from disturbing you with communications. 

Here’s how exactly to block  somebody iMessage through the Device’s Settings: 

  1. Open the “Settings” software in your device.
  2. Scroll down the following web page to find “Messages” and faucet to start it.
  3. Hit “Blocked” to start to see the connections, e-mails, and figures you’ve currently limited on iMessage. 
  4. Tap “Add New” to enter a brand new contact to your list.
  5. Choose the contact to limit from reaching you against your contact list and find out the contact techniques in the obstructed list.


For the blocking technique which involves the device’s settings, unless your contact has already been on someone’s contact list, such someone cannot block you. It just enables you to pick a contact, to not enter a message target or contact number you wish to restrict.


The guide that’s been supplied should assist you to with how exactly to block iMessage in your iPhone. All you have to do is grab your unit to block iMessage through the communications software or your device’s Settings. Some of these solutions is straightforward and can just just take a couple of minutes.

Notwithstanding, keep in mind that you won’t be capable of getting communications, phone calls, or SMS texts from those in your block list. As well as, if you choose to utilize the device’s Settings, the quantity to restrict must already be in your contact list.

Frequently Expected Questions 

What happens when we  block somebody from my iMessage?

When you block someone’s contact, every message you deliver for them or perhaps you should get from their website won’t be sent to your inbox. Although you’ll nevertheless deliver voicemail for them, you won’t be notified. 

How do we block iMessage from non-contacts?

To stop getting unwanted iMessage alerts from folks who are perhaps not in your contact list, go right to the software “Settings” and hit “Messages.” Scroll down, and click “Unknown & Spam” under “Messages Filtering.” Then enable “Filter Unknown Senders.”

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