How To Block Safari on iPhone

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Even though iPhones possess some of the most extremely higher level phone features in the marketplace, you don’t need to enjoy every application that is included with them. Outstanding instance may be the Safari browser pre-installed on all iOS devices. Safari is pretty fast and will be offering comparable functions with other browsers. But other internet explorer have numerous features that Safari does not have.

Quick Answer

If you’re seeking ways to block Safari in your iPhone, this informative article is for you personally. Visit your iPhone’s ‘Allowed Apps’, then slip the Safari ‘Allow’ toggle off to block Safari on iPhone. After blocking Safari, you’ll install, install and make use of another web browser of the option.

To discover the actual actions to disable Safari on iPhone, check this out article towards the end.

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  1. Overview of Blocking Safari on iPhone
  2. Steps to Block Safari on iPhone
  3. Clearing Safari History and information After Blocking
  4. Deleting Safari on My iPhone
  5. Summary
  6. Frequently expected concerns

Overview of Blocking Safari on iPhone

Besides personal choice, there are numerous reasons for attempting to block Safari on iPhone. First, compared with other third-party browsers, Safari doesn’t have numerous customizable features and rather provides a bare minimum browsing experience. In the event that you enjoy an app with different browsing features, it is better to consider a Safari alternative.

Safari additionally occasionally experiences performance trouble when working with Google services like Gmail and Bing Drive. In the event that you depend on these Google apps for work or individual interaction, it is important to think about setting up a new browser. Whether or not Safari is not incompatible with these Google apps, you could face performance downtimes whenever you least expect it.

Another reason behind deciding on a different sort of web browser is Safari doesn’t get frequent updates. If you utilize an adult iPhone model with a much older Safari application, having less the most recent safety features may compromise important computer data. This will make it safe to utilize a different sort of web browser using the latest features.

Next, we explore the actual actions to block Safari in your iPhone.

Steps to Block Safari on iPhone

Follow the actions below to block Safari in your iPhone:

  1. Click in your iPhone’s “Settings” app.
  2. Scroll to the “Screen Time” tab, then touch onto it.
  3. Next, fall the toggle close to “Content and Privacy Restrictions” make it possible for it.
  4. Wait for a 4-digit passcode prompt.
  5. Key in the passcode.
  6. Go to “Allowed Apps”.
  7. Slide the “Allow” feature close to Safari to “Off”.
  8. Check in the event that Safari application continues to be in your house display screen.

Clearing Safari History and information After Blocking

If you intend to make sure that none for the Safari browsing history or information remains in your phone after blocking the application, you’ll do something to clear your browsing history. Clearing your browsing history guarantees that your particular web browser operates efficiently and that your particular information is maybe not offered to snooping 3rd parties.

Here’s how exactly to clear your Safari history and data.

  1. Go towards the “Settings” app.
  2. On the Settings menu, simply click on “Safari”.
  3. Scroll towards the “Clear History and web site Data” choice and then click onto it.
  4. To clear all information from the web browser, head to “Advanced” under “Settings”.
  5. Click on “eliminate All site Data”.

Deleting Safari on My iPhone

Unfortunately, you can’t completely remove the Safari application from your own iPhone without jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is manipulating a computer device, in this instance, your iPhone, to put in pc software that the manufacturer otherwise restricts. Understand that Safari is an in-built iOS app like Facetime, Calendar, or Calculator. Deleting it would likely affect the entire function of the iPhone’s running System.

Additionally, jailbreaking is an intricate procedure. It’s simpler to block the application by enabling content and privacy limitations.


As you’ve discovered, blocking Safari on an iPhone is pretty easy. Understand that Safari is an in-built application. Because of this, you can’t delete it without altering your iPhone’s OS. Luckily for us, blocking the application will provide equivalent work as deleting it.

Frequently Expected concerns

Why can’t we delete Safari from my iPhone?

Safari is an in-built iOS app protected by something Integrity Protection (SIP) feature. This particular feature stops you against deleting any pre-installed apps like Safari. As opposed to wanting to delete the application, you’ll block it by enabling ‘Content and Privacy Restrictions.’

How to reinstall Safari after blocking It?

To reinstall Safari as your standard browser, start the App shop, then kind Safari in the search club. Upcoming, click in the ‘Get’ command and visit your house display to see in the event that Safari application seems.

Is the Safari Browser secure?

Safari might not have regular safety updates in comparison to other browsers, nonetheless it nevertheless has good safety features and malware indicators.

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