How To Block the TikTok App


Launched in 2017, TikTok has swiftly become very popular social media marketing platforms globally. Because of its massive market, there’s a great deal of development potential, and you’ll find every variety of content with this software. If you notice improper content frequently or simply get the software irritating, you can block TikTok, whether you’re an iOS or Android os individual.

Quick Answer

There are a great deal of methods to block TikTok in your smartphone. If you’re utilizing Android os, you’ll download app-blocking software through the Enjoy shop for this function, or perhaps you can easily freeze or disable it. For iOS, you are going to need to offload TikTok from your own iPhone. Your computer data are conserved, and you may redownload the software to achieve use of this information once again.

You also can switch on age limitations in your TikTok application, so that it are much safer to make use of for the kids. In this specific article, you will discover all of the techniques to block the TikTok software in your smartphone in the event that you don’t get the app’s content useful.

  1. Blocking TikTok on Android
    • Using an App Blocker
    • Using Focus Mode
  2. Blocking TikTok on iOS
  3. The main point here
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Blocking TikTok on Android

Android provides alot more control towards the individual than iOS. Which is why there are lots of techniques for getting rid of TikTok on an Android smartphone. The top methods receive below.

Using an App Blocker

If you need TikTok to stay set up in your Android os unit but be unable to make use of it, then app-blocking software is the most suitable choice. There are lots of choices in the play shop; nevertheless, we suggest you will get BlockSite.

  1. Search and install the BlockSite application through the Enjoy Store.
  2. Launch the software in your Android os unit.
  3. The software will request you to grant some permissions to it.
  4. You will undoubtedly be greeted by the app’s house display screen. From the underside panel, faucet in the “Blocklist” tab.
  5. Tap on the green plus icon at the end right corner.
  6. In the search box, type “TikTok” and choose it if the recommendation seems.
  7. Click “Done”, and TikTok will undoubtedly be included with your block list.

Using Focus Mode

Almost new devices have an element called Focus mode that lets you freeze some distracting apps to assist you concentrate on a certain task. 

  1. Open the Settings panel in your Android os device.
  2. Scroll down and choose the “Digital well-being & Parental Controls” tab.
  3. Look for the Focus mode option.
  4. Select TikTok from the apps you need to pause.
  5. You also needs to pick a schedule for the main focus mode to exert effort. If you prefer to disable TikTok on a regular basis, then set the timer to each day.
  6. The TikTok app’s icon will turn grey, and you won’t have the ability to put it to use anymore.

Blocking TikTok on iOS

isn’t as customizable and absolve to utilize as on Android os. That’s why the techniques to block TikTok on an iPhone are restricted. 

There’s a feature called offloading in iOS that immediately eliminates unused apps from your own iPhone. The software data stays in your unit, and when you install the software once again, the info is restored properly. Proceed with the actions below to offload TikTok from your own iPhone.

  1. Open the Settings panel in your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and choose “General”.
  3. Tap in the “iPhone Storage” tab. It will require a few moments to show all of the apps in your iPhone currently installed.
  4. Navigate and select TikTok from all of these apps.
  5. There will undoubtedly be an “Offload this app” choice. Turn the toggle on, and it surely will be taken off your iPhone.

The Main point here

TikTok has brought the entire world by storm. This has quickly gained a humungous group of followers, and thus content creators are utilizing the software now. If you learn the information on TikTok improper for you personally or your kids, you can block the software. 

On Android os, you need to use a third-party software blocker application for this function, or perhaps you also can utilize the focus mode. If you’re on iOS, you’ll offload TikTok from your own iPhone to eradicate it effortlessly.

Frequently Expected concerns

How may I block TikTok trackers?

This function may be configured by diving into TikTok software settings. Touch in your profile icon at the end. Now touch the three-dot icon on top. Go to “Settings and Privacy”. Now, faucet on “Privacy” and “Allow location access”. Right here, you’ll turn fully off location access.

Can We make TikTok kid-friendly?

Yes, an attribute in TikTok called Family security Mode allows you to modify some settings regarding the software based on your son or daughter. You’ll set time limitations, restrict explicit content, or curb your kid’s direct texting in the software. 

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