How To Block TikTok on a Router

  1. Method # 1: Block TikTok Through the Router’s Control Panel
    • Domains Associated With TikTok
    • IP Addresses Associated With TikTok
  2. Method no. 2: Block TikTok Through the Router utilizing OpenDNS
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Method # 1: Block TikTok Through the Router’s Control Panel

If you intend to block TikTok on your own router, you are able to do therefore from your own router’s admin panel through its web software. To get this done, you have to get on your router’s control panel and discover the section for managing website blocks.

Almost all routers, like those created by D-Link, Netgear, Cisco, etc., have actually web filtering options but utilize various names. Carrying this out will avoid any products linked to your router from accessing TikTok.

Here’s everything you need to do.

  1. Open your router’s internet software. This can typically be achieved by entering your router’s IP address, often, into a web web browser.
  2. Enter the password to log in. In many instances, the username are going to be “admin”, plus the password will undoubtedly be “admin” or “password”.
  3. Navigate to the website blocking section for the control interface. There are lots of names of these features (age.g., “Website Filtering”, “Content Filtering”, “Parental Control”, “Access Control”, etc.).
  4. Add the TikTok internet protocol address and linked domains to your blacklist and keep your modifications. You’ll find most of the names of domain and IP details associated with TikTok below.

Domains Related to TikTok

right here is a whole listing of all TikTok-related names of domain you could manually increase your router’s ban list.

IP Addresses Associated With TikTok

right here is a whole listing of all TikTok-related IP details you could manually increase your router’s ban list.

Just content and paste every one of these domain names and IPs into the router’s blacklist. Then, save the modifications and leave the control interface. Now, they’ll be obstructed whenever some body attempts to access TikTok from your own community.

Method no. 2: Block TikTok Through the Router utilizing OpenDNS

If your router does not have an integral content filter, you are able to nevertheless block TikTok by setting up a third-party filtering system like OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a free DNS service you can use to block sites. It may be configured on your own router to block TikTok (along with other internet sites) from all products on your own system.

You should do the next.

  1. Log directly into your router’s control panel to see the DNS settings.
  2. Manually modification your DNS to your after. This can aim your router to your OpenDNS servers.
  3. Go to your OpenDNS web site and create a merchant account.
  4. Click “Add My Network” from the OpenDNS settings to configure your system.
  5. Select your system through the list and head to “Web Content Filtering” through the sidebar 
  6. Click on “Add Domain” and manually include most of the domain names related to TikTok through the list above.

This will route your traffic through the OpenDNS servers, blocking any needs to TikTok or other internet sites you’ve added. That’s it! TikTok will now be inaccessible from any unit on your own system.


By following actions outlined in this specific article, you are able to make certain that TikTok (and just about every other distracting internet sites) are off-limits while hoping to get things done. 

Frequently expected concerns

Can we block other sites via my router?

Yes, following techniques above, it is possible to block any web site or app if you add its domain and connected IPs to your router’s blocklist.

How do we stop TikTok from collecting information?

If you don’t desire TikTok to get all of your information, you may either use a VPN to encrypt your private information or delete your TikTok account as well as the app completely.

Can We place parental settings on TikTok?

Parents can apply screen time restrictions and parental restrictions to a TikTok profile utilizing the Settings part, as well as can secure those settings utilizing a pin afterwards.

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