How To Blur a Video on iPhone

  1. Two solutions to Blur a video clip on iPhone
    • Method number 1: utilize the iMovie App
      • Step # 1: Select a video clip to Blur
      • Step number 2: include the Blurred/Pixelated/Black Picture over Your Video
      • Step # 3: Apply the Blur
      • Step # 4: save your valuable Video
    • Method # 2: make use of Blur Video Background App
      • Step number 1: down load and Install the App
      • Step # 2: Select a video clip to Blur
      • Step number 3: keep your Edited Video
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently expected concerns

Two practices to Blur a video clip on iPhone

Method number 1: utilize the iMovie App

Apple’s iMovie app (iMovie HD) is a helpful movie modifying device but does not have an integrated blurring feature. Therefore, how could you make use of it to blur a video clip if it does not have a unique blurring choice? 

There’s a possible workaround, and that’s to make use of its merger choice to blur videos. Put another way, you’ll superimpose a blurred, black colored, or pixelated image over your video to attain the objective. Here you will find the actions to follow:

Step # 1: Select a video clip to Blur

Start by getting a pixelated, blurred, or black image, then start the iMovie software in your iPhone. Go through the Plus (+) button and select “Movie” to start a new task. Instead, it is possible to modify a current task. From then on, find and find the movie you intend to blur and then click in the “Create Movie” option.  

Step # 2: include the Blurred/Pixelated/Black Picture over Your Video

Click in the Plus (+) icon to find the photo you’ve simply downloaded in the editing page. Choose your image and then click in the three dots symbol. Finally, select the “Picture in Picture” choice. 

Step # 3: Apply the Blur

After including the image towards the modifying web page, edit and drag it to your an element of the movie which you desire to blur. Make certain you’ve used the blur in the movie correctly – use for the whole length of the movie. 

Step # 4: keep your Video

Play your last video clip to see in the event that answers are satisfactory. Go through the “Done” choice to include the movie to your iMovie jobs if all things are fine. It is possible to instead go through the “Upload” icon to share the video.


iMovie software may possibly not be set up in your iPhone by standard. The software can be obtained free of charge in the Apple App Store, and you simply need certainly to download and do the installation in your device.

Method # 2: utilize Blur Video Background App

There are numerous video editing apps for iPhone with blurring features nowadays. Nevertheless, Blur Video Background is amongst the most useful apps for blurring faces or scenes in a video clip. Here are the actions to make use of it to blur a video clip on iPhone. 

Step # 1: down load and Install the App

Download the Blur Video Background app and install it in your unit. You’ll get ready to begin the movie modifying procedure as soon as you accomplish that. 

Step # 2: Select a video clip to Blur

Choose the video clip you wish to blur from My Videos, Camera, or Gallery. You’ll find a toggle club along with the modifying web page to decide on between pixelate and blur.

Choose the Circle or Rectangle choice because the shape of the blurring course. You’ll discover the choices in the taskbar at the end of the display screen. Now use the kind and form you’ve opted for towards the elements of the movie.  

Step # 3: keep your Edited Video

You have to save your video clip once you finish blurring it – you’ve currently done the difficult component, therefore it’s simple to save your self the movie. 

Click in the “Upload” icon in the top-right element of the display screen. You’ll need certainly to choose the quality or size of the video (video quality). You’ve four choices – Normal 480P, HD 20P, Full HD 1080P, and 4K. 

Once the video clip is done to your selected size, select the “Save to Camera Roll” choice or Share it with buddies on Instagram, Twitter, etc. 


The above had been our article on How to Blur a video clip on iPhone. You can find primarily two ways to do this. Method # 1: utilizing the iMovie software, and Method # 2: making use of a third-party movie modifying application with a blurring function (Blur Video Background).

We’ve discovered that the iMovie software doesn’t have actually a blurring function. Nevertheless, it offers a helpful merge choice that enables one to superimpose a blurred, black colored, or pixelated image over your movie to attain the blurring impact. 

As you may have recognized, the actions in each technique are really simple to follow and perform. We wish that individuals had the ability to assist you blur the movie you desired in your iPhone. 

Frequently expected concerns

How may I blur a photograph on iPhone?

Use an image Express, a third-party software, to blur an image on iPhone. Begin by selecting a photograph to edit. Go through the “Adjustments” option. Scroll down the menu and choose “Blur”. You’ll see a circle show up on the display screen. 

Drag it up to your primary topic. Decrease or raise the number of blur in your photo utilizing the slider. Additionally, make use of your hands to boost or reduce the size for the group. Save the image once you’re done modifying by simply clicking the “Upload” choice. 

Can we blur the backdrop on iPhone?

Yes, the portrait mode enables you to include blur to your history of a photo while using it. Start the digital camera in your iPhone and faucet on Portrait. Ensure the topic reaches a suitable distance through the digital camera lens. 

Check the screen and also make sure the topic is obvious therefore the history seems blurry. Struck the shutter key to simply take a photo.

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