How To Calibrate GPS on Android

  1. Steps To Calibrate GPS on Android
    • Step # 1: start Settings and then click regarding the Location
    • Step no. 2: demand “Location” choice
    • Step # 3: Toggle on Your Location
  2. Tips on Improving Location Accuracy
    • Tip # 1: Activate Your Wi-Fi [Android and iPhone]
    • Tip number 2: Allow Precise Location [iPhone]
    • Tip # 3: start or Off Location Services [Android or iPhone]
    • Tip # 4: Restart Your Phone [Android or iPhone]
    • Tip # 5: improve your Phone or OS [Android or iPhone]
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns 

Steps To Calibrate GPS on Android

To enhance Bing Maps precision, you’ll replace the calibration of your Google Maps on your own Android os or your Pixel phone.

Step # 1: start Settings and then click regarding the Location

On your Android os unit, available the Settings app through the application cabinet. In case your Android os won’t have an app cabinet, you’ll quickly discover the Settings application by scrolling straight down from your own website, after which into the search discussion, kind “Settings” and then click regarding the application through the outcome. 

Step no. 2: Navigate towards the “Location” choice

When you start the Settings app, what you need to complete next would be to seek out the “Location” choice. Therefore, scroll straight down in the Settings menu, seek out the place choice, and faucet about it to start it. 

Step no. 3: Toggle on your own Location

After starting where you are choice, you’ll see a slider where you could slip regarding the location or slip from the location. Be sure you slide the place on and then click the “Improve Accuracy” choice. Don’t forget that moving the sliders to blue is for Bluetooth scanning and going towards the exact same color azure for Wi-Fi is for Wi-Fi scanning. 

Quick Suggestion

To modification or calibrate GPS on Pixel, head to Settings and then click regarding the “Location Services” choice. Head to “Google Location Accuracy”, click it, after which simply click on “Improve Location Accuracy”.

Tips on Improving Location Accuracy

Calibrating your smartphone’s compass isn’t the only path to enhance location precision. Below are a few other techniques.

Tip # 1: Activate Your Wi-Fi [Android and iPhone]

With Wi-Fi, smartphones triangulate your precise location. This process works while there is a database of Wi-Fi systems in the region. Therefore, whenever your Wi-Fi is on, it pings to WI-Fi routers in the region, which helps triangulate your location.

Tip no. 2: Allow Precise Location [iPhone]

To turn in your iPhone’s precise location for Bing Maps, click Settings > “Privacy”. Then, simply click on “Location Services” before simply clicking “Google Maps”. Finally, switch on the “Precise Location”

Tip # 3: switch on or Off Location solutions [Android or iPhone]

One exemplary and simple option to recalibrate your phone’s location is reset where you are solutions by switching them down and switching them on. This technique will be able to clear down any old unwelcome information and change it with a fresh and accurate reading. Discover ways to switch off and activate “Location Services” since it assists recalibrate your phone’s location.

Tip no. 4: Restart Your Phone [Android or iPhone]

A simple solution to resolve many issues, including inaccurate location information, is restart your phone. A restart clears out all your old and short-term information and offers you with brand new information. Constantly restart your Android os or iPhone when you wish to recalibrate your location.

Tip number 5: improve your Phone or OS [Android or iPhone]

Since the most recent form of your phone’s running system is sold with new features and plenty of repairing of pests, setting up the most recent improvement or OS will help increase the precision of one’s location (that’s in the event that update or OS has those features).


You can recalibrate the worldwide placement system effortlessly in your Android os or iPhone.

All you should do for the iPhone is choose “Privacy” under Settings. Then, select “Location Services” > “System Services”. Turn “Compass Calibration” to green or on.

Meanwhile, for Android os, select “Location” under Settings. Simply click on “Improve Accuracy” and put on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi scanning.

On Pixel, head to “Location Settings” under Settings, simply click on “Google venue Accuracy”, and select “Improve Location Accuracy”.

Don’t forget there are other way of recalibrating your Android os or iPhone besides these actions. 

Frequently expected concerns 

How do I tell the north way on Bing Maps?

Click regarding the compass icon in your display screen. After a matter of seconds of inactivity, the compass will go away. Bing Maps will reorient the map and show the place.

How do we enable the compass on Bing Maps to exhibit?

If you can’t start to see the compass on Bing Maps, move the map around to really make the compass show up on your display screen. After carrying this out, should you not view it, you may have to improve your Bing Maps. 

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