How To Cancel a Venmo Account on an iPhone

Venmo is a digital wallet for online discounts

  1. and possesses a pc software you need to use all on your own cell phone for easier access. But frequently, you could experience conditions that drive that you cancel your Venmo account all on your own iPhone.Quick AnswerTo cancel your Venmo account all on your own iPhone, begin the Venmo pc software and
  2. log in using your account skills. Next, touch the three-line icon, choose Settings
  3. , select the “Close My Venmo Account” option, and tap
  4. “Next” to download your present account statement. Choose “Next”

through the following display and tap

“Close Account”

to confirm.

We have assembled an intensive guide in your case on canceling a Venmo account on iPhone and Computer or computer. We’re going to additionally discuss canceling a payment and delivering a refund need about the Venmo pc software when you have unintentionally delivered the payment towards a bad person.

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