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A sluggish or periodic net connection could be annoying, particularly when you’re in the center of one thing essential. One popular way to eliminate this dilemma is through changing your router’s channel to a less crowded one. Various routers could have various ways of changing their Wi-Fi stations. Therefore, maybe you are wondering just how to start it on a Belkin router. 

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It’s very easy to replace the Wi-Fi channel on a Belkin router. Certainly, it is a matter of three basic steps, therefore the whole procedure is only going to just take a few momemts. Begin by signing directly into your router’s internet-based settings web page. When you’ve logged in, pick an available channel, create a new SSID and wind up by saving the modifications. 

We’ve got an in depth description of those actions below. Therefore, if you’re experiencing a slow net connection or this has stopped working entirely, continue reading and learn to resolve the issue. 

  1. 3 Steps to alter Channel on Belkin Router
    • Step number 1: log on to Your Router’s Settings Pages
    • Step no. 2: pick the Channel
    • Step number 3: find the SSID (Wi-Fi system title)
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently expected concerns

3 measures to alter Channel on Belkin Router

A Belkin router has 11 networks. Probably the most stable and recommended Wi-Fi channels are 1, 6, and 11. But, you’re likely to see sluggish or poor net connection even though linked to one of these if it is a crowded channel. 

In other terms, in the event your neighbor is linked to exactly the same channel as yours, then that channel is crowded, and you won’t have the ability to surf cyberspace efficiently. Which means you’ll want to alter to a channel with less disturbance. 

Below find 3 actions on how best to start it.

Step number 1: log on to Your Router’s Settings Pages

  1. Connect your personal computer towards the Wi-Fi utilizing an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open your preferred browser regarding the computer.
  3. Enter your router’s IP target to the browser’s search club and hit the Enter key key in your keyboard. 
  4. Enter your login credentials. The username is “admin”, as well as the password is kept blank by default (unless you’ve changed them before).
  5. Click “Submit“. 


Belkin routers utilize as their default internet protocol address. You may get this target by pushing the Windows + R key in your PC’s keyboard. Type cmd regarding the Run field and press enter to open the Command Prompt. Type ipconfig to the black colored screen then press the Enter key once more. You ought to begin to see the internet protocol address regarding the display screen assigned towards the title Default Gateway.  

Step no. 2: pick the Channel

You should now be in your router’s internet-based settings (setup) web page.

  1. Tap in the “Channel and SSID” tab under “Wireless” through the menu in the remaining to choose a brand new channel.
  2. Select a channel apart from usually the one you’re currently linked to.

You’re absolve to select 1, 6, 11, or any available channel if these three seem to be crowded and never working.


Sometimes, maybe you are not able to log on to your router’s internet-based setup web page. In the event that you encounter this issue, take to resetting your router having its reset switch, which will get back it to its standard settings and invite one to join without a challenge.

Step number 3: find the SSID (Wi-Fi system title)

Your router’s SSID (solution Set Identifier) normally theoretically the network (Wi-Fi) name. Every unit linked to the router needs exactly the same SSID, meaning some body can hook up to your system without your permission if utilising the same SSID as yours. 

So, kind a brand new system title. Be sure you develop a unique name that somebody else is not likely to utilize. Click the “Apply Changes” button as soon as you finish. Finally, leave your Belkin router’s internet-based setup web page and luxuriate in a seamless connection. 


The above had been our article on how best to alter a channel on a Belkin router. We’ve discussed three simple actions: log on to your router’s setup page on the net, choose the “Channel and SSID” option through the menu and select an available channel. Together with last action would be to form a brand new, unique SSID title and hit the “Apply Changes” switch. 

We’ve discovered that a Belkin router is sold with 11 stations. If a channel you’re linked to currently is crowded, it is possible to select a fresh anyone to avoid a slow and unreliable net connection. Probably the most suggested stations are 1, 6, and 11, but you’re free to select other if these three aren’t available (currently crowded). 

We hope our article has assisted you alter stations, and you’re now enjoying a seamless, fast connection!

Frequently expected concerns

Do Belkin routers modification stations immediately?

Yes, Belkin routers can transform stations immediately utilizing their automated channel selector. Whenever this particular feature is enabled, the router will immediately scan the location and select a less crowded channel any time you boot up the device.

Should We set the Wi-Fi channel to automobile?

We don’t recommend utilizing automobile as that disrupts other users’ connections. Furthermore, the automobile is only going to switch the channel whenever you’re perhaps not utilizing Wi-Fi – it won’t switch when you’re deploying it.

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