How To Change File Type

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  1. what exactly is a File kind?
  2. Changing File Type
    • Method # 1: Renaming the File Extension
      • Step no. 1: show concealed File Names
      • Step # 2: Rename and Change File Type
    • Method number 2: Saving and Exporting data an additional Format
    • Method # 3: making use of on the web File Converter Service
  3. Using Bing Docs to improve File kinds
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

What is a File kind?

Every file you conserve or install on Windows has two components; one may be the file title, while the other may be the file kind or expansion. As an example, in 123.docx, the filename is 123, while the file kind is “docx.”

The file type consist of three to four letters abbreviation which allows Windows OS to determine this system to start it. Including, whenever you select a PDF file, Windows OS determines that this file has to be exposed by a PDF audience.

If the file has an incorrect file kind, i.e., an MP3 file with DOCX expansion, Windows will attempt to start the news file in Microsoft term. This can cause a mistake, and you also won’t access the file.

However, a couple of file kinds are suitable. In the event that you replace the file kind on a graphic from PNG to JPEG, Windows will nevertheless start exactly the same file within the Photo Viewer with no dilemmas.

Changing File Type

Changing file kinds could be simple and challenging on top of that. Our step by step directions will need you through the entire process of changing and saving file kinds in order that the whole file transformation experience could be enjoyable instead of despairing.

We’ll additionally discuss making use of Bing Docs to improve the file kinds. But very first, here you will find the three solutions to replace the file key in Windows.

Method no. 1: Renaming the File Extension

Step no. 1: show concealed File Names

In step one, you will need to let Windows display the concealed file kinds included in each file title.


File kinds are not visible by standard in Windows, therefore, stopping you against fast transforming the file kind.

  1. Press Windows+E secrets to launch Windows File Explorer.
  2. Select View through the top club and go to Alternatives > Change folder and search choices.
  3. Next, find the View tab and make certain that the “Hide extensions for understood file types” package is unchecked.
  4. Finally, save your self settings by pressing the okay button in the bottom.

Step no. 2: Rename and Change File Type

In this task, you may replace the file kind by renaming it.

  1. Right-click in the file and then click the Rename choice.
  2. Now, find the File type part, rename it together with your desired kind, and press the Enter key.
  3. Select Ok to Windows warning prompt.
  4. Right-click in the file once again and choose Properties.
  5. Confirm that the file kind changed towards the brand new kind.


The very first technique works ideal for one thing easy like changing TXT to DOCX or PNG to JPEG. Windows programs such as Word and Photo audience can fill out the gaps and available the file after changing its kind.

Method no. 2: Saving and Exporting data an additional Format

If this system you are utilizing enables you to modify, you’ll replace the file kind by saving it an additional structure.

For instance, you’ll open a PNG image in Paint or a document in term and save your self it by choosing File > Save As. The Save As window will assist you to save your self the image or document in another supported file kind such as for example PNG to JPEG, or DOCX to PDF, XML, XML, etc.

However, if you’d like to replace the file kind of a PDF file to PNG or JPEG, the Save As choice won’t do just fine. In cases like this, you should use the Export device in Acrobat. The export device enables you to select the image as your export kind and save your self the PDF file in your selected image format.

Method number 3: making use of on the web File Converter Service

An on line file converter solution is another convenient approach to replace the file kind. The online solution will request you to upload the file. Afterwards, the host will transform the file to your desired kind and allow you install it into the brand new structure.

Online file transformation solution normally a convenient and fast option to transform the file kinds of complex sound and video clip files.


Uploading important files to an unknown host may be risky. Therefore, make an effort to utilize the on line file converter solution for non-essential files.

Using Bing Docs to improve File kinds

Changing file key in Google Docs is quite simple. All you need to do is upload a file in your Google drive and start it in Bing Docs. Then, click the File switch at the very top kept corner and choose Download.

Now you’ll replace the file kind by saving it in PDF, DOCX, RTF, ODT, HTML, TXT, ZIPPED, and EPUB format. As an example, you’ll upload a PDF file, start it in Bing Docs, and down load it in DOCX file kind.


In this guide about changing the file kind, we’ve discussed changing the file kind by renaming the file title, saving the file in a fresh structure, and making use of an on-line file kind converter solution. We additionally talked about getting the help of Bing Docs to convert and install files.

We hope that this guide responded your questions regarding changing file kinds, now it is possible to do so without wasting lots of time. Many thanks for reading!

Frequently Expected concerns

what’s the distinction between Windows File Explorer and Windows Explorer?

To show the hidden file kinds, you will need to access Windows File Explorer or Windows Explorer. It’s exactly the ditto; but, Windows Explorer is currently called File Explorer in Windows 10 and 11.

exactly what must I do if my file breaks while renaming it?

If you might be wanting to alter a complex file kind causing a rest, rename the file back into the last kind.

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