How To Change Mouse Pointer Color

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  1. Changing Mouse Pointer Color on Windows 
    • Resetting Your Mouse Pointer on Windows
  2. Changing Mouse Pointer Color on a Mac
    • Changing Pointer Outline Color
    • Changing Pointer Fill colors 
    • Resetting Your Mouse Pointer on a Mac 
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  4. Frequently expected concerns

Changing Mouse Pointer Color on Windows 

If you possess a Windows unit, changing your pointer color will require significantly less than a few momemts. Windows is well known because of its customizability, whether integrated choices or third-party pc software and extensions. Having said that, let’s move ahead to ways to improve your pointer colors.

The easiest way to improve your pointer color on Windows is to utilize Mouse Pointer settings. You can certainly do that by following below-mentioned actions.

  1. Press the Windows Logo + U Key to start the “Ease of Access Settings”.
  2. In the Ease of Access Settings, either type in “Mouse Pointer” or scroll down and soon you find it.
  3. In the “Mouse, Pointer Settings”, search for “Change Pointer Color”.
  4. Once you discover the alteration pointer choice, you’ll select among the three standard designs or set a custom color.

Suppose you intend to set a custom color for the pointer, press regarding the final design. As soon as you push on regarding the design, Windows will recommend for you some colors. Nevertheless, in the event that you don’t choose some of the recommended colors, you’ll press the + indication below them. This can open a color pallet by which you’ll choose your desired pointer color.

Resetting Your Mouse Pointer on Windows

If you aren’t pleased with your personalized mouse pointer, you’ll just reset the mouse pointer through Mouse Pointer settings. Choose the standard design to reset the mouse pointer back once again to just how it absolutely was. The standard design could be the very first design choice and has now a pointer image representing a white human body with a black border.


The four designs for the Mouse pointer are:

– White Body and Ebony Border.
– Inverted Pointer Colors.
– Ebony Body and White Border.
– Custom Colors.

Changing Mouse Pointer colors on a Mac

Even though Apple is not really friendly whenever customizing its items, it nevertheless provides its clients the possibility to improve their mouse pointer color. With that in mind, Apple does not just enable the individual to change the filling color of their pointer, but it addittionally offers the choice to replace the outline of these pointer too.

Changing Pointer Outline Color

If you want to to improve the outline of one’s pointer as opposed to the entire pointer color, you’ll just do this by following below-mentioned actions.

  1. Open “System Preferences”.
  2. Go to “Accessibility” > “Display” > “Pointer”.
  3. right here go through the “Pointer Outline Color” to start along with wheel.
  4. Select your desired color and press fine to confirm it.

Changing Pointer Fill colors 

Changing your pointer fill color is extremely much like changing its outline color. Proceed with the mentioned steps to improve the pointer fill color on your own Mac.

  1. Go to “System Preferences”.
  2. Navigate to “Accessibility” > “Display” > “Pointer”.
  3. Now go through the “Pointer Fill Color” to start the colour wheel.
  4. Select your desired color and press fine to confirm it.

Resetting Your Mouse Pointer on a Mac 

You can reset it utilizing the Pointer settings into the activities where you are feeling as if you are completed with your colored Mouse Pointer. To reset your mouse pointer to default settings, head to “Accessibility” > “Display” > “Pointer”. Within the Pointer Menu, simply click regarding the “Reset” button beside the Pointer Outline colors.


Changing your mouse pointer color isn’t that hard. Nevertheless, locating the choice by itself could be just a little tricky. Consequently, to be of assistance, we now have written this guide today. By after the aforementioned practices, you’ll be able to modify your pointer color right away. With that in mind, develop this guide will allow you to modify your tips color.

Frequently Expected concerns

How to improve mouse pointer size on Mac?

To replace the mouse pointer size on Mac, you’ll want to visit Accessibility > Display > Pointer. Within the Pointer screen, there is the slider enabling one to improve your pointer size. Sliding the bar appropriate increase your Pointer size, while sliding it to your remaining part will decrease it.

How to improve mouse pointer size on Windows?

You can alter the mouse pointer size on Windows utilizing the Mouse Pointer settings. To get into the Mouse Pointer settings, visit your begin Menu and type Mouse Pointer in your research club. After the Mouse Pointer window is available, search for the Pointer Size slider and go it around to improve your pointer’s size.

Can We change my cursor depth on Windows?

Yes, you are able to improve your cursor depth on Windows. Occasionally upping your cursor depth will allow you to begin to see the pointer better. You’ll want to visit your Mouse Pointer Settings to improve your cursor depth. Inside the Mouse Pointer settings, scroll down until such time you find Change Cursor Thickness. To improve your cursor depth fall the slider to your right. Nevertheless, slip it towards the left should you want to reduce the depth.

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