How To Change Search Engine on Android Phone

Google Chrome on mobile

Android phones usually come delivered with Google as their standard google. But, you’re free to find the google you want to make use of whilst the standard. Therefore, how will you change the internet search engine in your Android os phone? 

Quick response

You can alter the major search engines in your Android os unit in a number of methods. A good way would be to visit your browser’s settings and alter it. You could change it out by replacing the widget in your device’s home screen. Additionally, you’ll replace the Google Assistant in your Android os unit to a virtual google of the option. 

Undoubtedly, Google services were incorporated profoundly into Android os products, but that doesn’t suggest you can’t make use of another google as a preference. And despite Bing having Android os, you’ll nevertheless make use of a third-party search engine of the option onto it. 

So, if you’re enthusiastic about changing the major search engines in your Android os, continue reading. We are going to protect the various methods for you to actualize this feat. 

  1. How To replace the search-engines in browsers
  2. How To replace the search-engines in a Widget 
  3. How To replace the search-engines of the Virtual Assistant
  4. Conclusion 

How To replace the search-engines in browsers

One of this methods for you to replace the standard google in your Android os is through the local web browser. Many Android os devices, particularly individuals with stock Android, have Chrome as their standard internet browser. 

You can alter the major search engines of Chrome from the settings. If the neighborhood web browser in your unit isn’t Chrome, the actions highlighted below will nevertheless work either way.

  1. Open Chrome in your Android os unit. 
  2. Tap regarding the menu (three dots) icon at the very top right corner of this web browser window.
  3. Click “Settings“.
  4. Tap on “Search Engine” under the fundamental environment options.
  5. The google is probable Bing, you could change it to virtually any choice you love. 

once you find the brand new google you need, you’ll touch regarding the straight back switch and decide to try looking at the search club on Chrome to ensure it offers effectively changed.

How To alter the various search engines in a Widget 

Another option when you need to alter the major search engines in your unit is through the widget. Regarding the house display screen on most Android os phones is a Google search bar that users may use to get whatever they need online. 

If you like the notion of a property display screen search bar but don’t want to make use of Bing, you’ll alter it.

Unlike the neighborhood web browser technique where we changed settings, this widget is running on Bing, therefore it does not supply you with the choice to replace the google. Thus, you’ll want to stick to the actions below to alter the major search engines of the unit widget.

  1. Remove the Bing search widget by long-pressing regarding the club and tapping regarding the cross (x) icon or whenever it appears.
  2. Download a brand new web browser through the Play Store.
  3. Long-press a clear area in your Android home screen before the modifying choice arises; click “Widets” or “Add Widgets“.
  4. Locate and select the widget for the web browser you downloaded.

It will pop-up in your house display screen, which you are able to adjust for size, after which you’re all done. 

How To replace the search-engines of the Virtual Assistant

Another way to alter your device’s internet search engine is with a virtual associate. Google Assistant could be the va for Android os products manufactured by Bing. Numerous third-party digital assistants supply the exact same solution as Bing assistants you can install. Proceed with the actions below to alter the major search engines of the digital assistant.

  1. Download and install the va of the option. 
  2. Go to Settings > “Apps & Notifications“.
  3. Find the default app and choose it (you might have to expand the higher level part to understand following choice).
  4. Look for “Digital Assistant App“, click it, and choose the search motor you need.
  5. Select “OK” to confirm.


In summary, a very important factor about Android os products is the fact that they’re extremely customizable. Despite the fact that Bing, the master of an important google, could be the producer of Android os, they nevertheless give users the capability to make use of any google they really want.

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