How To Change SMS to MMS on Android

SMS on Android

Whether you’re trying to fairly share a photograph with somebody or deliver a vocals note, MMS is the better option to get the message across. When you yourself have an Android phone and wish to alter SMS to MMS, then you’re into the right spot.

Quick Answer

If you attach an image, movie, or other news to a text message, the message will automatically be converted to an MMS. The maximum word count for an SMS message normally restricted, therefore if your message surpasses that limitation, it’ll immediately be an MMS.

Sending an MMS message is much more versatile than giving an SMS message. For instance, it is possible to deliver an MMS with a photograph, sound recording, movie, or contact information. Having said that, SMS communications are restricted to plain text, therefore they’re perhaps not almost as enjoyable to deliver or get.

In this informative article, we’ll look during the distinction between the 2 and exactly how to modify from SMS to MMS in your Android’s default texting software. 

  1. What Is the essential difference between SMS and MMS?
  2. How to alter SMS to MMS on Android
    • Step number 1: start Your texting App
    • Step # 2: click the Conversation 
    • Step no. 3: touch regarding the “+” Icon
    • Step no. 4: Attach Multimedia to your Message
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

What Is the essential difference between SMS and MMS?

Whether you’re a devoted texter or an individual who sporadically delivers the odd text, you’ve most likely run into the terms SMS and MMS before.

SMS, or Short Message provider, is considered the most fundamental type of txt messaging. SMS communications are limited to 160 figures, therefore they’re ideal for quick, brief messages.

MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service, is a far more higher level type of txt messaging enabling one to include multimedia content such as for example pictures and videos to audio recordings and internet links in your communications.

One associated with primary differences when considering SMS and MMS is MMS messages in many cases are more costly to send than SMS communications since they utilize more data.

How To improve SMS to MMS on Android

Like many Android os users, you almost certainly utilize SMS to text your family and friends. But imagine if you need to deliver an image or movie with your text? That’s where MMS comes in.  

Changing your SMS communications to MMS is straightforward of all Android os phones. Here’s just how.

Step # 1: start Your texting App

As with any message, the very first thing you ought to do before giving one is available the texting software, therefore go directly to the software you utilize for txt messaging.

Whether you utilize the default messaging app that was included with your Android os phone or any third-party messaging app you downloaded from Bing Enjoy does not matter.

Step number 2: click the discussion 

From record of conversations within the texting software, go through the conversation you’d like to deliver an MMS.

You may also start a brand new discussion in the event that you don’t begin to see the previous one and choose the contact you want to deliver the MMS.

Step no. 3: touch regarding the “+” Icon

The alternative is always to search for the symbol enabling one to connect multimedia to your message, which of all products appears like a plus symbol or a paperclip.

As quickly while you push on this symbol, you’ll see different choices for attaching multimedia files to your text communications to allow them to be transformed from SMS to MMS.

Step # 4: Attach Multimedia to your Message

Using these choices, now you can transform your regular SMS into MMS by connecting pictures, videos, or other multimedia files.

whenever you click the “+” symbol, you’ll see options like “Video”, “Image”, “Audio”, etc. touch on anything you wish to deliver, and select the file you need to connect.

Once you’ve got attached the required photo, movie, or sound file, the message will immediately be transformed into an MMS, and you will deliver it.


There you’ve got it! That’s exactly how you improve your SMS to MMS on Android os. it is perhaps not that difficult once you understand where you can get and how to proceed.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do we stop my communications from transforming to MMS?

To prevent your messages from transforming to MMS, start the messages software, click “Settings”, then “More Settings”, then “Text Messages”, and alter the input mode from “Automatic” to “GSM Alphabet”.

Is there a limit to texting on Android os?

A maximum of 160 characters is delivered per SMS message, but the majority contemporary smart phones and sites can separate longer SMS messages into portions and combine them regarding the obtaining end.

Why does my phone convert SMS to MMS?

SMS communications are immediately transformed into MMS communications if they contain multimedia content, such as for example pictures, videos, or other people, or if their length surpasses a particular limit.

Can We deliver MMS with no internet?

Sending and getting MMS communications frequently requires a data connection, so that you can’t deliver and sometimes even get MMS messages without a dynamic web connection.

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