How To Change Songs on AirPods

  1. Changing Songs on AirPods professional and AirPods 3
  2. Changing Song on AirPods 2
  3. Changing Song on AirPods 1
  4. Does Changing Songs utilize Spotify?
  5. Conclusion

Changing Songs on AirPods professional and AirPods 3

The AirPods Pro and AirPods 3 share the exact same design. Consequently, changing the track on both products is reasonably simple and doesn’t need much handiwork. We preferred the method that you could control sound and alter songs in the initial AirPods 1 and 2.

To improve your tracks on AirPods professional or AirPods 3, support the stem of one’s unit and double-tap to skip forward to another location track. You could triple-tap the sensor to maneuver to your past song.

Alternatively, you’ll summon Siri by maneuvering to your AirPods’ settings into the “Bluetooth” tab after which set one of the stems to invoke Siri. After doing this, you can force press some of the stems, invoke Siri, and title any song you’d prefer to play.

Can We change tracks on AirPods 3/Pro on an Android unit?

Yes, if you replace the settings for the AirPods 3/Pro before linking it to an Android unit with an iPhone/iPad/Mac, you’ll find a way to execute the same commands. Out from the package, though, you’ll nevertheless tap the stem to pause or play music. 

Changing Song on AirPods 2

For the AirPods 2, you’ll need to adjust some settings before you can go about changing songs on it. Here’s just how.

  1. Open your AirPods 2 charging instance and connect with your AirPods 2.
  2. Head to “Bluetooth” within the Settings app and touch in the information icon.
  3. You’ll have the ability to choose exactly what your left or right AirPod must do when double-tapped. We suggest picking the “Change Song” and “Siri” options.

Now which you have actually these settings modified, all you have to do is double-tap the AirPod (with a little bit of force), and you’ll have the ability to alter tracks on AirPods effectively. 

Can we change tracks on AirPods 2 on Android?

Yes, you’ll change tracks on AirPods 2 on Android os, considering that you use an iOS device to customize them first. After doing this, you’ll find a way to perform most of the actions you can in your iPhone except the capability to invoke Siri. 

Changing Song on AirPods 1

You cannot alter tracks in the AirPods 1 without invoking Siri. In essence, no physical button lets you replace the track, and neither may be the capability to double-tap your AirPod re-programmable just like the AirPods 2.

So, you’re simply stuck with utilizing Siri. To improve a song in the AirPods 1, double-tap them and ask Siri to alter the track for you.

Can We change tracks on AirPods 1 on Android os?

No, you cannot modification tracks on AirPods on Android os because there is no chance to re-program the switch in the headphones. Nevertheless, AndroPods does relieve a few of your woes and enables you to alter tracks on Android os by tapping them 4 times. 

Does Changing Songs assist Spotify?

Yes, regardless of what generation of AirPods, changing tracks works together with Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, or just about any music streaming application. If you utilize Siri, you’ll also have the ability to replace the song using only voice commands.

To play a particular track, you’ll often need certainly to mention the application’s name to relax and play it. For instance, you may want to state “Play Radioactive by Just picture Dragons on Spotify“.

This isn’t real for every single instance, but we now have noticed Siri bouncing to Apple musical or an unpreferred application once we don’t explicitly state the title of 1. But, in the event that you curently have music from that application playing, you don’t need certainly to inform Siri to alter tracks from a certain application.


Changing your tracks on AirPods are a winner or a miss based on exactly what generation of AirPods you have got. Any such thing following the very first generation of AirPods offers the capability to permit you to alter tracks actually. Therefore, we’d suggest buying the AirPods 2 / 3 / Pro should you want to make use of the function.

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