How To Change Steam Username

Change Steam Username

what exactly is Steam Username?

How to alter Steam Username?

Method no. 1: Change Steam Username by mobile App

Method number 2: Change Steam Username by Desktop App


  1. Frequently expected concerns
  2. What is Steam Username?
    • When you create a merchant account on Steam, you can get two kinds of recognition: Account title and username. The Account title is numeric, and it will never be changed anyhow. It’s an original account name related to your profile when you create it.
    • On one other hand, the username is in numeric or alphabetical type. As an example, my Steam username is
  3. Faizi439
  4. . Steam lets you alter or modify your username based on your preferences.

So, let’s learn how you’ll improve your Steam username.  

How to alter Steam Username?

Steam username could be changed by after the below-mentioned actions. But, you will find three various techniques to accomplish that. You’re going to have to proceed with the techniques in line with the unit you might be making use of to operate the Steam.Method no. 1: Change Steam Username by mobile AppHere are basic steps that will help you improve your Steam username in the phone app.

Open the


App on your own Phone.

Now click the three pubs or “


  1. It will open a sliding screen where you will notice your profile photo and username towards the top.You will need to select the “
  2. Profile Picture” or “Username.
  3. It will start a fresh screen where you will notice an option named “Edit Profile.” Follow on on itNow you will notice three choices, while the first one would be “Profile Name.
  4. This can be your present profile or username. You’ll form your brand-new username inside it.This can change your username, and you may enjoy video gaming with an updated profile title based on your preference.
  5. Method no. 2: Change Steam Username by Desktop AppChanging your username in the Steam desktop software is not too difficult. Here you will find the actions that will help you.Open the Steam desktop app.
  6. Now, go through the top right corner associated with display screen, and you may see your

current profile title or username


Click onto it, and it’ll start a slide or choices club.

  1. Now click in the “
  2. Profile.A brand new display screen may be open where you will notice the “
  3. Edit Profile
  4. ” option.Click on “Edit Profile,
  5. ” and a fresh screen can look.Scroll down in order to find the General
  6. tab.Here you will notice an option named “Profile Name.”
  7. You can form your brand-new username involved with it.This can change your present username.Conclusion
  8. I hope why these techniques mentioned above worked perfectly for you personally and also you could actually improve your username on Steam quickly. In the event that you nevertheless possess some concerns regarding this subject, you’ll ask me personally within the opinions below.Frequently Expected concerns
  9. How often times could I change my Steam username?

You can improve your Steam username as numerous times while you desire to. There are not any limitations. You certainly can do it over repeatedly and soon you discover the perfect title for your account.

How to alter the Steam account title?

You can’t alter the title of one’s Steam account. The Steam account title is employed because the unique recognition quantity for every single individual, also it can not be changed for almost any explanation.

Can other people see your Steam account title?

Other users can’t see your Steam account title since it is personal. They could just see your profile title or username for those who have added them to your buddy list.

Are you playing games on vapor for quite some time nevertheless now desire to improve your username? I understand this will be a frustrating situation whenever you created a username being a kid. But, given that username just isn’t appropriate, you might be mature sufficient to alter that username.

Quick Answer

If you need to improve your Steam username, you must go directly to the Steam and then click on your own account title within the top-right part. Select “Profile” from the drop-down menu, then click “Edit Profile” and enter a fresh username.

Changing or modifying your current vapor username isn’t that hard. But, it might be challenging for a lot of since the techniques will vary for each unit. Therefore, i will be composing a short guide that will help replace the username in a couple of seconds.

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