How To Change the IMEI Number on iPhone

  1. Changing the IMEI Number on iPhone
    • Method # 1: utilizing ZiPhone
      • Step # 1: Determine the Current IMEI Number
      • Step # 2: down load ZiPhone on PC and link the iPhone
      • Step # 3: Change the IMEI Number
    • Method number 2: utilizing a Fake IMEI quantity
  2. Summary
  3. Frequently expected concerns

Changing the IMEI quantity on iPhone

If you’re wondering how exactly to replace the IMEI quantity in your iPhone, our 2 step by step practices can help you undergo this method without much difficulty.

Method no. 1: utilizing ZiPhone

Using the ZiPhone application, it is possible to replace the IMEI quantity in your iPhone, as explained within the actions below.

Step no. 1: Determine the existing IMEI quantity

Before changing the IMEI in your iPhone, you will need to think it is first. For this, dial *#06# regarding the Dialer app, along with your present IMEI quantity will be regarding the display screen.

Step number 2: down load ZiPhone on PC and link the iPhone

Download the ZiPhone tool on your computer. Grab your iPhone and simultaneously press the home and energy buttons. Keep pushing both buttons until such time you understand Apple logo design; launch them afterward.

The iTunes logo design and a wire under it’ll show up on the display screen, showing your unit is in Recovery Mode. As of this point, use a lightning cable in order to connect your iPhone along with your PC.

Step # 3: replace the IMEI Number

Go to your folder where in actuality the ZiPhone tool is set up on your computer. Right-click the empty room within the folder and choose “Open Command Window Here” through the pop-up menu. Type “ZiPhone” within the Command Prompt window followed closely by the demand ZiPhone -u -i aIMEINumber

Now, place a new IMEI quantity rather than the old one. Await a couple of seconds before the procedure completes, and reboot your iPhone.

All Done!

Dial *#06# within the Dialer application in your iPhone, plus the brand new IMEI quantity will effectively show up on the display screen.

Method number 2: utilizing a Fake IMEI Number

Another easy way for changing the IMEI quantity in your iPhone is making use of a fake IMEI quantity. Because of this, utilize the exact same ZiPhone device you utilized in initial technique and follow these steps.

  1. Put your iPhone into Recovery Mode and link it to your PC.
  2. Download, install, and available the ZiPhone GUI on the computer.
  3. mind towards the “Advanced Features” choice through the main ZiPhone interference.
  4. Click the “Fake IMEI” choice and put your chosen IMEI quantity into the allotted box.
  5. Select the “Perform Actions” selection for verification.  

Action Complete!

The IMEI quantity in your iPhone is effectively changed now.


In this guide on changing the IMEI quantity in your iPhone, we’ve talked about utilising the ZiPhone device to change or make use of a fake IMEI quantity in your unit. Ideally, one of these brilliant practices spent some time working for you personally, and you may now see a new IMEI number when you dial *#06# from your own iPhone dial pad.

Frequently Expected Questions

Is it feasible to locate a phone by its IMEI?

Yes, a phone are traced by its IMEI quantity as no two products utilize the exact same one. To do the IMEI monitoring, you’ll either have the assistance of the mobile operator, a third-party application, or law enforcement agencies such as the authorities. This IMEI information is kept in EIR, a database operated by mobile operators.

Is changing the IMEI quantity on an iPhone unlawful?

For any such thing become considered unlawful, it offers become called forbidden or forbidden by what the law states. Changing the IMEI number just isn’t forbidden per the usa Constitution, therefore changing it in your iPhone is legal.

Does a factory reset alter the IMEI quantity in your unit forever?

No, it’s impractical to alter your device’s IMEI quantity by a factory reset. It is because the IMEI quantity is an integral part of the hardware in your unit and factory reset is software-based. Any software-based action will maybe not reconfigure the IMEI on your own phone forever.

Is it safe to hand out my IMEI quantity?

Giving away your IMEI quantity is not safe, plus it has enormous risks. Numerous users have almost all their information hacked after supplying their IMEI figures to crooks and folks taking part in unlawful tasks. A good thing to complete in this respect is always to give fully out the IMEI quantity just to those enthusiastic about buying the utilized iPhone away from you.

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