How To Change the Name of Your AirPods

when you purchase a whole new set of AirPods, Apple yields a title in order for them to arrive regarding the paired unit. By standard, your AirPods title is conserved together with your owner’s title, however you may well not wish to keep it.Quick SolutionYou can alter the title of your AirPods on an iOS, Android os, or Windows unit by accessing the Bluetooth menu and reconfiguring the title settings. It’s enjoyable to find the title of your AirPods to enable you to effortlessly differentiate them off their Bluetooth-enabled products, particularly if the Bluetooth device list is heavily populated.This guide will reveal all you need to rename AirPods in your iPhone, Android os, Windows, or Mac unit. AirPods professional and AirPods Max professional are renamed utilising the exact same actions.

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