How To Change the Number of Rings on iPhone

If you’ve been utilizing Voicemail for a time, addressing your phone although it is ringing quickly could be very annoying, limited to your caller to leap to Voicemail a touch too early. Or, perhaps you don’t like getting your phone band for 30 moments before it finally simmers straight down.

Quick Answer

While dependent upon your provider, the strategy you are able to use to improve the amount of bands on your own iPhone are: making use of the Keypad to dial in a unique rule, calling your company and achieving them change it out or using Do Not Disturb / Airplane Mode to eliminate the bands entirely entirely.

While changing the amount of bands on an iPhone is totally carrier-dependant. There clearly was an easy method to straight affect the wide range of bands on an iPhone, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

  1. Method # 1: utilizing the Keypad
  2. Method number 2: Contacting Your Provider
  3. Method no. 3: utilizing Do Not Disturb / Airplane Mode
  4. Conclusion

Method # 1: making use of the Keypad

Voicemail is provider reliant. Consequently, there’s absolutely no one-size-fits-all technique. But, generally, we’ve seen the keypad solution to function as best and minimum cumbersome compared to another techniques we’ve mentioned below.


If you’re having problems changing your bands even with that way, the probabilities are that you will be entering lots that is not a multiple of 5. In this instance, they are the next valid options:

5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 25 – 30

  1. Open the Phone application in your iPhone.
  2. Now, call *#61# on your own phone. This introduces the “Call forwarding when an unanswered prompt”.
  3. Once here, simply take an email associated with quantity beside “Forwards to”. Generally speaking, that is a three-digit quantity. But, it could differ according to your carrier.
  4. Now, start the dialer once more and enter the next rule:
    • **61*number*11*[number of seconds]#.
    • For instance, entering **61*121*11*30# will alter the amount of bands on an iPhone which has a Vodafone want to 30 moments.
  5. After calling this quantity, a confirmation message should appear on your own display.

To always check whether or not the technique worked, you’ll need certainly to phone your self from another quantity and count the amount of moments it will take for the phone to finally leap to Voicemail.

Method # 2: calling Your Provider

As mentioned previous, every provider is significantly diffent with regards to Voicemail. Therefore, in the event that technique stated earlier does not work, you may need to resort to calling your provider. Whenever doing this, you’ll have actually to allow them understand the precise wide range of moments you need the bands on your own iPhone to be.

Generally, it will take several hours for the demand to undergo as well as your bands to improve. Here’s a fast directory of a couple of notable providers and their helpline numbers:

  • Verizon – 1-877-596-7577.
  • T-Mobile – 1-800-937-8997.
  • AT&T – 1-888-796-6118.

Some providers like AT&T enable you to replace the wide range of bands on an iPhone without calling a site provider. Here’s tips on how to do this: (We’re utilizing AT&T for instance)

  1. Log directly into your solution provider’s online portal.
  2. Now, at once to your “Account Overview”.
  3. After doing this, mind to “Voicemail Settings”.
  4. You’ll now have the ability to change the amount of your bands.

Method no. 3: utilizing Do Not Disturb / Airplane Mode

While you can’t precisely replace the wide range of bands you will get on an iPhone that way, you are able to truly move from some bands to no bands entirely. This technique is particularly helpful if you’re pretty quickly and wish all of your telephone calls to drop right to voicemail.

Using Airplane Mode:

  1. Open the “Settings” application on your own iPhone.
  2. Tap on “Airplane Mode” and enable it.
  3. Your phone will eventually lose its mobile connection, and all sorts of telephone calls will immediately be routed to Voicemail.

Using Usually do not Disturb Mode:

  1. Open the “Settings” application on your own iPhone.
  2. check out “Do Not Disturb” and change it “On”.
  3. Now, switch on “Silence” to “Always” into the inbound calls area.


If you aren’t certain that don’t Disturb mode is on, you’ll see a Crescent icon near the top of your status club. You can allow the mode manually or at a routine period each day.

When utilizing both techniques, your bands will stay exactly the same whenever Voicemail turns in. But, all telephone calls will straight away be routed to Voicemail with no bands on an iPhone whenever any of the two features take.


Changing the amount of bands on your own iPhone is fairly a tedious procedure. For some US / British based providers, you’ll be able to utilize your keypad to have it done quickly. But, for many EU based providers, a call towards the provider might become absolutely essential. 

In essence, the simplicity or meticulousness of you to be able to replace the bands on your own iPhone is based on your provider. 

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