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Method # 1: using an internet BrowserMethod number 2: using the Optimum AppSummary 

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Method # 1: using a web browserThe 1st method of changing the Optimum router password is through the internet whenever you go to the Optimum website

. However if your planning to also reach increase the password, agree totally that your router is connected towards cyberspace.
After that, follow these steps to enhance the Optimum router password into the web.Go to


Enter the specific areas utilizing the appropriate

Optimum ID and password

  1. . You’ll want to create an Optimum ID if you don’t get one by tapping the Optimum ID option and completing the correct execution. 
  2. Tap into the
  3. “Internet”
  4. option. 

Click on

“Router Settings”> “Basic Settings” to find your Wi-Fi community name and password. You can rename your Optimum router

to your selected title and save yourself it. 

  1. Go to “My Wi-Fi Network” after which simply click in the option
  2. “More”Go towards the password area, enter the
  3. new password, and save yourself these improvements by tapping the likelihood “Save”
  4. beforeleaving your internet site. The password of your Optimum router will now be changed. You can confirm this by disconnecting a connected device and re-connecting it by entering the newest password to see in case modification is actually effected. It’s advised you make note of this set password on a product of paper and store it well to avoid forgetting it over time. Method no. 2: using the Optimum App
  5. Another alternative strategy to increase the Optimum router password is using an app. But, you’ll first need to download the Optimum app in your smartphone, either through the iOS App store or Bing Enjoy store. Below are those things to stick to whenever changing the router password using the Optimum app.Launch the
  6. Optimum Support App on your own very own Android or iOS device and enter your Optimum ID and appropriate password to log in for you personally. Once logged in, simply click “Wi-Fi”
  7. Tap the “Settings”



“Edit”.In this password area, key in the

new password

  1. you need. You’re also in a position to change the Wi-Fi system name whenever you go to the “Network Name” area. 
  2. Tap on “Save” to implement these fresh password improvements. 
  3. Once you’re finished with each of these actions, restart your Optimum router, plus the brand-new password could be implemented right away. You’ll then need to connect all the items towards the Wi-Fi system. 
  4. Summary It’s without question Optimum has become the helpful internet community providers that frequently offers you high-speed internet rates since high as 400 Mbps. But, the likelihood to be hacked is attainable if you don’t have a robust password. Because of this you will have to frequently enhance your Optimum router password after 8 weeks. Luckily, changing your router password on Optimum shouldn’t be a struggle, even when you aren’t a techie. If you want further convincing, this information totally defines the two ways to enhance your Wi-Fi password. Consequently, then you’re able to enjoy Optimum’s stable connection to the internet to consider films, listen in to music or play games without getting hacked. 
  5. Frequently anticipated issuesHow may I factory reset my Optimum Wi-Fi router?If your Optimum Wi-Fi router just isn’t working as expected, the very best method to restore it to working condition is factory reset it. Accomplishing this will erase all the individualized designs to standard settings.Here’s a glance during the actions you’ll want to follow whenever factory resetting your Optimum Wi-Fi router.1.
  6. Switch down your Optimum Wi-Fi router.2. After a couple of momemts,

turn on the router and offer it a couple of momemts to load exactly. 3. Find just a little

reset opening or button

next to the Ethernet ports. 

4. Get a

paper clip or needle

to press the reset key. 

5. Press and support the reset switch for 10 moments and introduce it following the router LED lights start and down instantly. 

6. Watch out for between

2 to 3 minutesfor the reboot so as to accomplish and also for the reset procedure so that you can finish. When done, your Wi-Fi router is likely to be restored to its standard factory settings. 
7. Go to the Optimum login internet web page, and enter your Optimum ID and password to
set up the router again. 

Optimum is an American-based company that provides its clients with connection to the internet alongside tv and phone solutions. Also in today’s digitized world, a dependable internet connection has become necessary. But, the world wide web just isn’t constantly safe, therefore you must protect your online reference to strong passwords. 
Quick reactionYou must be sure your Optimum router has a strong Wi-Fi password
, if not be one more target linked to the increased circumstances of cybercrime. Luckily for us, the whole means of changing your Optimum router password is simple in the place of time-consuming. The Two ways to change the Optimum router password is the following.• Substitute the Optimum router password on the web
• Change the Optimum router password using the Optimum app.  Read on to learn more in regards to the actions you’ll want to follow whenever changing the Optimum router password using a few of these two methods. Along side a stronger Wi-Fi password there is no-one to efficiently imagine, your home could be safe from hacking, viruses, malware, and phishing. In addition, this guide will stress a few faqs regarding the Optimum router. Without further ado, let’s start. 

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