How To Change the Text Bubble Color on iPhone

iPhone Messaging

Method # 1: utilizing the FancyBubble App

Method # 2: utilising the Color Text Bubbles App

Summary Frequently expected QuestionsMethod # 1: utilising the FancyBubble AppThe FancyBubble app is a superb option to think about changing the writing bubble color on your own iPhone since it’s

free to down load. In addition, this application has received many positive reviews
from the past users. This really isn’t astonishing because this application allows you to personalize the font and color and select from many bubble designs. 

Here you will find the actions you need to follow whenever likely to utilize the FancyBubble application on your own iPhone.

Go to your

App Store

  1. and seek out
  2. FancyBubble
  3. Click


to down load and install this application on your own iPhone. Once the software is set up, introduce the iMessage application. Start a conversation if there’s none, or start a preexisting one on your own iPhone. Click in the text industry, and through the line of apps, click “FancyBubbles”

Various colored bubble choices will show on your own display, and you ought to pick any one of them. 

  1. Type your message and then click “Send”.Alternatively, you’ll replace the text bubble color on your own iPhone utilising the FancyBubble application without visiting the iMessage application. Whenever achieving this, here you will find the actions you will need to follow.Open the
  2. FancyBubble appGo to your base of this display to check out different alternatives of bubbles that’ll appear. Choose the one you would like in accordance with your choice. 
  3. Key in to the input field
  4. Go to your remaining part for the
  5. “Send” switch, where there’s a dropdown. Touch onto it and select the “Messages
  6. app”
  7. choice. Tap in the “Send”


  1. The Communications application may be launched, and you ought to go to select whom in your contact list you intend to deliver a note. Method number 2: utilising the Color Text Bubbles AppAlternatively, you need to use the
  2. Color Text Bubbles app
  3. to replace the text bubble color on your own iPhone. This application normally free to download through the iOS App shop and it is
  4. easy to use. And also to affect the text bubble color on your own iPhone, here you will find the actions you have to follow.Downloadand install the Color Text Bubbles app on your own iPhone. 
  5. Launch the iMessage app on your own iPhone, select an existing talk, or begin a brand new discussion. 

Swipe left through record of iMessage apps on the keyboard and then click on

“Color Text Bubbles”

Click on “Type Custom Message”.Enter the message you intend to deliver and then click in the blue bubble color to choose the bubble color you need and faucet on “Send”. The choices available include orange, red, yellowish, and green, red, to mention several. 

  1. Click in the blue send arrow button to deliver the message in your selected color. Summary 
  2. If you’re tired of this blue and green communications on your own iPhone, changing the iMessage color lets you make things more exciting. Because of this, this texting software will appear more attractive to the attention while increasing your need to text more often utilizing your iPhone. If you’re stranded on what you’ll replace the text bubble color on your own iPhone, the next few paragraphs has detailed all you need to understand. Consequently, you’ll go on and replace the text bubble color and begin having a good time delivering texts to your friends and relations along with your iPhone. Frequently expected concerns
  3. How may I make iMessage dark azure?Besides changing the writing bubble color, it is possible to result in the iMessage app dark blue in the event that you don’t wish excessively modification. You ought ton’t have a difficult achieving this is not complicated as you can find simple actions you’ll follow to create your iMessage app dark blue.1. Introduce the
  4. Settingsapp on your own iPhone. 
  5. 2. Touch on “Accessibility”.   
  6. 3. Head to “Vision” and then click

“Display & Text Size”


4. Click the toggle

“Enhance Contrast”

to modify it on. 

Once you’re done after these actions, your iMessage application will turn dark blue. Because of this, this may ensure it is gorgeous to consider. 

It’s without doubt that the iPhone gives you plenty of conveniences making it an ideal smartphone. But, taking care of where they lag behind could be the not enough personalization. Despite getting an overhaul into the latest iOS 14, this aspect is better illustrated aided by the communications app still perhaps not helping you to affect the bubble’s color of this iMessage application.  Quick responseWith the iMessage being one of many destinations of this iPhone since it permits you use of the Apple ecosystem, this really is a large disappointment. But, don’t lose hope simply as a result of
lack of an in-built choice to personalize the message bubble colors, as you can find third-party apps
you’ll download which will help you understand this objective.FancyBubble.
Color Text Bubbles.With these apps, you’ll be in a position to personalize the iMessage application on your own iPhone through the standard dull blue and white color. Therefore, you’ll give it a much-needed pizzazz rendering it more enjoyable to make use of your iPhone.

In addition, this guide will appear at probably one of the most faq’s associated with the iMessage application on your own iPhone. 

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